Thursday, October 20, 2011

Life just passes us by

It seems like I spend most of my time running around, always in a rush, like my head just doesn't stop spinning. Life has become a delicate balancing act of what I need to do right now, and what can wait until tomorrow. The sad thing is I feel like I am missing out on a lot.

Everyday, normal, sit down, calm, laugh, sing, dance... my list could go on!! For now my goal is to spend a little extra time up front organizing, so that I have the time to sit, laugh, sing, dance, bake cookies, or snuggle in bed with the kiddos to watch a movie.

Last night we had our first "time out" and not the bad kind either. The "we are gonna take time out to be silly, have fun, and ignore bed time" kind of "time out".

With the cooler weather (Ya'll it's down right chilly - the low was like 53!!) I made a run by the store to pick up some hot chocolate and marshmallows. We got home, cleaned up, ate dinner and got ready for bed. Then we grabbed the blankets and all sat out on the patio with the lights out drinking hot chocolate and looking at the stars.

It was fun!! We will be having lots more "time outs" in our future!!