Thursday, September 15, 2011

Catch Up

The first day of school has come and gone, I am now on class three of the beginning of a new journey to finally get my degree, Mac has taken a trip to the vet, Jenna has moved up to the Pre-School 1 class, I have gotten an awesome opportunity at work and life is over all quite well.

The first day of school was great, the boys like their teachers. There was a minor hiccup that required me to request that AJ - who speaks English well - be removed from the ESL class and put in a class that is better suited to his learning style. Jay did come home the first week with a note saying that he is very silly and very talkative, but frankly that does not surprise me. Had he come home with no note I would have been.

My classes are going well, I am so glad that the format is one class at a time, even though each class is crammed into a five week period, this seems to work much better for me than a traditional semester style course schedule would. So far...3.87 GPA!! Woohoo!!!

Mac received a clean bill of health from the vet, who was quite smitten with Jenna and gave her three toys for Mac for FREE. He does have some knee condition that could require surgery much later on down the road, but other than that they estimated he was about 18 months old, well enough to be neutered, and only suggested he gain about a pound.

Jenna is tall for her age and fits right in with her new class (they are all 6 months to a year older than she is). She is so incredible sassy and has taken up being the teacher's assistant, scolding her classmates and ordering them to sit in time-out. She has even threatened to talk with the parents - and followed through with said threat. The girl needs to be knocked down a few pegs, but since her teachers think it is so adorable I doubt that will happen at school. I can only hope that there be another child in her class equally as bossy and sassy to put her in her place every now and then.

Work has been crazy busy, I am talking 50-60 hr work weeks. A couple of weeks ago I was asked to attend a conference, I agreed. Then all of a sudden my inbox is being inundated with emails about the conference. I walked down to the VPs office and asked him why I was getting all of that information. Then he shed some light on the subject. When he asked me to attend the conference he was asking me to represent the company and run the booth. He also informed me that I had been named the new marketing rep so to speak for our office. I made a quick joke about discussing salary to which he agreed and we have a meeting set for two weeks after the conference. Now I am going with the goal to bring in at least a couple of jobs, potentially a new contract or two!!

All in all things are working out quite well for us in our new adventures of life as a one parent household. There are times that it is hard, my patients and nerves are worn thin, but I am incredibly blessed to have the support system that I have.