Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New Addition

As if life wasn't busy enough already, we have a new addition to the family...

No I have not been holding out, it is not human:)

Meet Mac, the friendly, cuddly, protective, thinks he's bigger than he is Terrier mix!!

His first day home alone was yesterday, and the only mess was a dumped over food dish. Pretty impressive if you ask me. He is very good about letting you know when he needs to go out, he will walk up to the door and whine a little. He is still getting used to which door actually lets him out, as he walked up to one of the closet doors this morning:). Other than that he is good! I thought we would have to crate him at night and during the day, but being sans crate at the moment, we were testing the waters and I was fully prepared to have a monstrous mess to clean up in the morning and when I came home yesterday. Thankfully, there was no mess. The princess has taken to calling him Macaroni Mackypoo Kloosie - Mac for short. And she is fully enjoying being "The Boss" since "him can't really talk back".

As evidenced below, I will not be able to take late night baths when the kids are asleep unless I completely close my bathroom door. I am not sure if he wanted in or just wanted me out, but my "relaxing bath" lasted about five minutes.