Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Spring Photos

I am sure that you all know in March MckMama was doing photo shoots in Houston. I just had to check it out for myself!!

The kids and I packed up and set for downtown Houston on a Friday afternoon - Spring Break no less. Traffic was atrocious, but it is Houston.

I think the pictures turned out great!!! And honestly - the price was just as great!!! I did some shopping around and I could not get anyone in my area to give me the same deal she did!!

Here are some of my favorites!!!

All of us, and the kids personalities are shining through!! Jenna the "sweet" one, AJ the "good" one, and Jay the "silly" one (who also has a very hard time following directions and not being the center of attention when a camera, or people are around for that matter)

This one I am going to have blown up and hang over my bed - I love it!!! So much so, that I am trying to get the boys to wear their boots and take feet pictures with me - they don't see the big deal, and they think I am weird, but hey, they thought that before I asked them to let someone take a picture of all our feet.

I love his face, and his hair!!! He cut it recently, and as much as I gave him a hard time about how long it was - I miss it!!!
That is Jay through and through - you guys have no clue ho long it took her to get him to crack that smile!! But once he did, it was golden!!
Sassy little princess was in heaven having her picture taken over and over again!!
The three kiddos - I love them so much!!!
Action shots!!!

The princess had to get in on the action too!!

And before you hark on MckMama,

I was standing there and she asked me if it was OK for her to jump

and it was Jenna's idea to begin with.
I love her dimpled arms!!


amy said...

OH I LOVE these!!!!! The one with the boys jumping made me smile! all are fabulous. SO fun!

Cassie said...

Those pictures are adorable!! They look so great!