Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Reliving the Rodeo

I don't do many posts of mainly pictures, but since it has taken me this long (these are from March) to get them up, I figured it needn't be a long drawn out post, but rather a recap of sorts:)

On our way to the Rodeo, on a big Metro bus...

above: Katy (KiKi), Jenna and AJ, and below: Jay and me

Fishing for treasures at the carnival

Getting on the first ride

This was how Jenna passed her time while the boys rode on rides

The Beetle Bops ride - looked cheesy at first, but they liked it!!

AJ, Jay KiKi and Jenna

AJ, Jay, Jenna and Me

They had to get on it - they ignored the barricades surrounding it, in all honesty the barricades were there because they were closing for the night. The kids only thought they were getting away with something.

Jenna watching the concert

AJ patiently waiting for his favorite song

Jay annoyed that I was still taking pictures

That was Zac Brown - AJ's favorite band, and they did play his favorite song at the very end. They started to end the concert with America the Beautiful, and the look on the kids face was as if someone had kicked his dog right in front of him. Then they lead into "Chicken Fried" and he was as happy as can be!! He even high-fived the guy sitting next to him:) We were right in front of the jumbotron and Jenna kept saying "Mommy, Zac Bwown singing at me" She was very excited and very good for the whole performance!!! Jay loved all the rodeo events prior to the concert and was disappointed when he found out he is to old to participate in the Mutton Bustin' contest. Now he is ready to learn how to ride a bull, at least he thinks he is:)


Kate Norman said...

Cool! I never got to see these pictures!