Monday, April 18, 2011

Houston, we have a problem...

Yes, there is a big problem for us right now. It's called the concessions stand at the ball park!! Jenna's new found love of Skittles may just break the bank. At a dollar a bag, her college fund is quickly diminishing (just kidding, I'm not stealing from her college fund).

I have tried buying them from the store and keeping them in my bag, but the fact is she actually likes to take her dollar and hand it to the person behind the bars and ask for the candy! I have coerced a few of the teenagers that work in there to play along with my little game, I give them a bag just as we arrive, about thirty minutes into the game Jenna is ready for her fix. We go up there, they let her "buy" her bag, and on our way out they give me back my dollar:) It works for now.

How much out of your way or will you go to keep you sanity and your money, how much would you be willing to ask of others?

And honestly, who can say no to this sweet face:) Not that boy/guy/man (he's fifteen ya'll) in the picture, that is "Unca Doe" as Jenna calls him. And he spoils her rotten!!! And she loves him so much!!!