Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Update - Goals

Don't you just love to re-read your past blog posts!! Do you ever think "What was I thinking?" I do, and I did when i read those goals:)

Remember this???

1.Blog something, anything - everyday (I apologize ahead of time for any of my boring ramblings that may come in the near future:) Fail

2.Spend more time reading - currently my reading consists of only what I need to read before Bible Study, so my goal is to expand my horizons, read books, other scriptures, articles, etc. Fail

3.Write letters - most of my family is out of town, so we primarily keep in touch via various social networking medias and email. The occasional phone call, but the differing time zones sometimes put a damper on that. So one letter a week - that's the goal. Fail

4.Yell less, give more hugs, and spend more time playing with the kiddos. I am thinking that some mommy and boy time is in the cards - drop the Princess off with my sister and go do fun big kid stuff with the boys:) They need it, and I think I do too. Score!!

1 out of 4, hmmm - that's what AJ and Jay would call "Epic Fail" Oh well, at least the boys and I had a fun day on Saturday enjoying a festival of crafts and fun entertainment all in the name of Literacy!! We went to FotoFun 2011 and we had a blast!! So much so, that I didn't even take pictures!! Either way, if that was the only goal I accomplished in the month of February, it was well worth it!!

On a side note - they had some delicious pizza there from a little cafe downtown, however my children said "I am not eating that 'hoity toity' pizza" (AJ) and "that looks like crazy cheese and leaves on a cracker" (Jay)

I guess their culinary minds are not as expanded as I had hoped.