Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mama's Girl

Jenna is at such a fun age! She picks up on everything, doesn't quite understand it all, but you can almost see the attempt to make sense of it all as she looks at you. Some of the most recent things that she has been doing:

  • I found her sitting on the kitchen floor singing "Happy Party" to the pots and pans. Why? Because they all found their helmets (lids)!!

  • She thinks it is funny to yell "Because I'm the boss, and I said so!" not sure where she got that from;)

  • She carries her Bible everywhere with her and insists that everyone must "Sit down and listen to me and my Bible!!"

  • She loves her brothers and tells them all the time!! AJ is her Joseph AJ (the J stands for Joseph, I don't think she quite understands that the A stands for Anthony) and Jay is her Jay Jay beanie - sadly I think that kid will never live down that nickname.

  • She will attempt to manipulate you by threatening to pee pee in her pants if you don't give her what she wants - this tactic has not worked yet, so hopefully she will never follow through on her end of the deal and we will be all good!

  • Her favorite store is Target, and she wants to go there all the time to buy "Coffee and shoes"

  • She asks everyday for me to let her drive!

  • And the finale ... She asks for money all the time!!! Fifteen dollars to be exact!! Why? Who knows?