Friday, March 11, 2011

Let’s Play Ball…2011 Edition

It’s that time again!! Saturday was opening day for the boys Little League. Wouldn’t you know a cold front came in early Saturday morning, bringing rain and tons of wind! It made all the balloons we had seem like a bad idea.

Either way, this year I was determined to win the spirit award – we are the Tiger’s and that made me think it was in the bag!! We had masks, orange fingers, orange noise makers, orange and black balloons, and the best part of it all…TAILS!!! We had tiger tails. And by we, I totally mean the boys, I took no part in wearing tails. I did however coordinate the making of the tails. And we did not win the spirit award, but the kids had fun and were super cute nonetheless!!

It was freezing to say the least, I think it was mid 40’s no sun and 15 MPH winds!! Poor kiddos, they ended up standing out in that weather for a couple of hours. The carnival was canceled, there was no cake walk, no ring toss, no bounce houses. We left, went home to add an extra layer, or four, went to lunch and then headed back out to the ball park for our game.

The boys played well, lost by two runs, but it was by far the best opening game our kiddos have ever played. There are two other boys that have played with AJ and Jay for the last four seasons, and it is so good to see them grow and develop together!

Uncle Joe with Jenna while I pinned tails on the Tigers:)

Our Tigers ready to go!!


Still waiting...

Up to bat.
AJ batting
He's on third!

Jay keeping warm in between innings

That is one tough catcher!! Watch out!!!