Monday, March 28, 2011

Brothers and Sisters

The Rodeo was here, and sadly now is gone I love the rodeo in Houston, if you are ever in town and want to enjoy some deliciously fried goodness, that is the place to go!!! This year I had tickets to Trace Adkins, guys he is AWESOME!!! But more awesome than that, my sister and my two brothers were able to go with me!!! We realized on the way to the rodeo that in the entire 13 years that there have been four of us siblings, we have never done anything together, with out our parents. It was so much fun! It probably helps that I have some of the coolest guys for brothers and one of the greatest girls I know as a sister. But we had fun nonetheless. I could go on, but I am sure it would be a bit boring to all seven of you that read my blog:) I will tell you that we tried the deep fried chocolate dipped Twinkies, and a deep fried smore:) Yumm does not even begin to describe it!!! You should try one or both, though I do not recommend you attempt on your own. You probably have to be some sort of professional deep fryer to accomplish either of those two tasks:)

Katy is the permanent driver, mainly because she refuses to let anyone drive her anywhere!! There may be some minor control issues there, but she will explain why she is completely justified:)

This is Jake - AKA Jakey (Jenna's nickname for him) and he was initially thrilled to be going out on a school night!!

Joe, avoiding the camera!! He is so much like my dad!!

It was Armed Forces Appreciation Day at the HLSR! Amazing presentation of the flag!! Joe still avoiding the camera during the concert
Jake enjoying the concert - I think this was one of the few times he didn't fall asleep:)

Katy and I :)

This man put on an awesome show!!

Very good show!!!

Jake getting a foot massage by that metal plate under his feet - I truly do not understand it even now!!