Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mama's Girl

Jenna is at such a fun age! She picks up on everything, doesn't quite understand it all, but you can almost see the attempt to make sense of it all as she looks at you. Some of the most recent things that she has been doing:

  • I found her sitting on the kitchen floor singing "Happy Party" to the pots and pans. Why? Because they all found their helmets (lids)!!

  • She thinks it is funny to yell "Because I'm the boss, and I said so!" not sure where she got that from;)

  • She carries her Bible everywhere with her and insists that everyone must "Sit down and listen to me and my Bible!!"

  • She loves her brothers and tells them all the time!! AJ is her Joseph AJ (the J stands for Joseph, I don't think she quite understands that the A stands for Anthony) and Jay is her Jay Jay beanie - sadly I think that kid will never live down that nickname.

  • She will attempt to manipulate you by threatening to pee pee in her pants if you don't give her what she wants - this tactic has not worked yet, so hopefully she will never follow through on her end of the deal and we will be all good!

  • Her favorite store is Target, and she wants to go there all the time to buy "Coffee and shoes"

  • She asks everyday for me to let her drive!

  • And the finale ... She asks for money all the time!!! Fifteen dollars to be exact!! Why? Who knows?

Monday, March 28, 2011

Brothers and Sisters

The Rodeo was here, and sadly now is gone I love the rodeo in Houston, if you are ever in town and want to enjoy some deliciously fried goodness, that is the place to go!!! This year I had tickets to Trace Adkins, guys he is AWESOME!!! But more awesome than that, my sister and my two brothers were able to go with me!!! We realized on the way to the rodeo that in the entire 13 years that there have been four of us siblings, we have never done anything together, with out our parents. It was so much fun! It probably helps that I have some of the coolest guys for brothers and one of the greatest girls I know as a sister. But we had fun nonetheless. I could go on, but I am sure it would be a bit boring to all seven of you that read my blog:) I will tell you that we tried the deep fried chocolate dipped Twinkies, and a deep fried smore:) Yumm does not even begin to describe it!!! You should try one or both, though I do not recommend you attempt on your own. You probably have to be some sort of professional deep fryer to accomplish either of those two tasks:)

Katy is the permanent driver, mainly because she refuses to let anyone drive her anywhere!! There may be some minor control issues there, but she will explain why she is completely justified:)

This is Jake - AKA Jakey (Jenna's nickname for him) and he was initially thrilled to be going out on a school night!!

Joe, avoiding the camera!! He is so much like my dad!!

It was Armed Forces Appreciation Day at the HLSR! Amazing presentation of the flag!! Joe still avoiding the camera during the concert
Jake enjoying the concert - I think this was one of the few times he didn't fall asleep:)

Katy and I :)

This man put on an awesome show!!

Very good show!!!

Jake getting a foot massage by that metal plate under his feet - I truly do not understand it even now!!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Let’s Play Ball…2011 Edition

It’s that time again!! Saturday was opening day for the boys Little League. Wouldn’t you know a cold front came in early Saturday morning, bringing rain and tons of wind! It made all the balloons we had seem like a bad idea.

Either way, this year I was determined to win the spirit award – we are the Tiger’s and that made me think it was in the bag!! We had masks, orange fingers, orange noise makers, orange and black balloons, and the best part of it all…TAILS!!! We had tiger tails. And by we, I totally mean the boys, I took no part in wearing tails. I did however coordinate the making of the tails. And we did not win the spirit award, but the kids had fun and were super cute nonetheless!!

It was freezing to say the least, I think it was mid 40’s no sun and 15 MPH winds!! Poor kiddos, they ended up standing out in that weather for a couple of hours. The carnival was canceled, there was no cake walk, no ring toss, no bounce houses. We left, went home to add an extra layer, or four, went to lunch and then headed back out to the ball park for our game.

The boys played well, lost by two runs, but it was by far the best opening game our kiddos have ever played. There are two other boys that have played with AJ and Jay for the last four seasons, and it is so good to see them grow and develop together!

Uncle Joe with Jenna while I pinned tails on the Tigers:)

Our Tigers ready to go!!


Still waiting...

Up to bat.
AJ batting
He's on third!

Jay keeping warm in between innings

That is one tough catcher!! Watch out!!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Update - Goals

Don't you just love to re-read your past blog posts!! Do you ever think "What was I thinking?" I do, and I did when i read those goals:)

Remember this???

1.Blog something, anything - everyday (I apologize ahead of time for any of my boring ramblings that may come in the near future:) Fail

2.Spend more time reading - currently my reading consists of only what I need to read before Bible Study, so my goal is to expand my horizons, read books, other scriptures, articles, etc. Fail

3.Write letters - most of my family is out of town, so we primarily keep in touch via various social networking medias and email. The occasional phone call, but the differing time zones sometimes put a damper on that. So one letter a week - that's the goal. Fail

4.Yell less, give more hugs, and spend more time playing with the kiddos. I am thinking that some mommy and boy time is in the cards - drop the Princess off with my sister and go do fun big kid stuff with the boys:) They need it, and I think I do too. Score!!

1 out of 4, hmmm - that's what AJ and Jay would call "Epic Fail" Oh well, at least the boys and I had a fun day on Saturday enjoying a festival of crafts and fun entertainment all in the name of Literacy!! We went to FotoFun 2011 and we had a blast!! So much so, that I didn't even take pictures!! Either way, if that was the only goal I accomplished in the month of February, it was well worth it!!

On a side note - they had some delicious pizza there from a little cafe downtown, however my children said "I am not eating that 'hoity toity' pizza" (AJ) and "that looks like crazy cheese and leaves on a cracker" (Jay)

I guess their culinary minds are not as expanded as I had hoped.