Wednesday, February 2, 2011

This requires a capital C!!

Ya'll it is COLD out side!! I mean if ever I were needing to use the word frigid now's the time!!!

Houston is 23 degrees - and there is a 60% chance of snow on Friday!!

We are having rolling power outages conserve electricity, it took me almost two hours to drive 16 miles!! And there is not even ice or snow on the road yet!!

Austin is 18 degrees with the same rolling power outages - in fact we have heard that there are state wide power outages in effect.

Dallas is 16 degrees with snow and ice all over - and they too are part of the state wide power outages.

i fully understand that this type of weather is probably pretty normal for people who live in New England, the Great Lakes Area, Montana and Wyoming (and I am sure some other states too) but here, deep in the heart of Texas our winters are never this eventful. So to some this is just a boring weather forecast from the Southern US, but for us it is definitely blog-worthy!!

Oh, and there will be pictures later this week of the snow - especially if we really do get the 6 inches they are talking about:)

Stay safe, stay warm, and have fun!!