Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Potty Language

I had the bright idea of tackling potty training this weekend. I had spoken to Jenna’s teachers and they said that she had been quite consistent in telling them she had just pee peed in her pull up. Already for the last few months she has only pooped in the potty – she refuses to poop in her pull up, which is alright by me.

Saturday started with a pair of training pants, you know the thick kind. All day she did great, until about 1:30, that was accident #1, just enough to wet the training pants, not even enough to pass through to her jeans. I washed her, changed her and put on training pants #2, later that day around five she had another accident. Just like the first only enough to barely wet the training pants. That evening I gave her a bath, put a pull up on for bedtime, and she insisted on wearing her “pretty panties” over her pull up.

Sunday morning her pull up was damp, we got up, washed and dressed for church. She pitched a monster of a hissy fit and refused to wear a “diaper” because, “me is a big gurl, not a baby” and reluctantly we went to Bible Class with no diaper. She pottied before we left the house, pottied before Bible Class, pottied right when class was over, played and played for thirty minutes or so and then pottied before Church Service, she stayed in the nursery with Mrs. Traci and Mr. Brian while I went to service, she pottied twice during service and once before we left.

Someone had the bright idea of needing an oil change (umm, hadn’t had one since June) and needing to buy some things for the house. Where else can you do all that in one stop shopping? Wal-Mart of course:) Yes, I took her to Wal-Mart in the midst of potty training. We dropped off the car at the automotive department and made a b-line for McDonald’s. We ate lunch and then took the Princess to potty again, did our shopping, made our way to the back of the store and she needed to potty again – good thing a store that big has a potty in front and back!! Then we wandered about and headed to the automotive department. As we were standing in line she looked up with a bit of fear and said, “Mommy, I need-a go potty”. I looked around, pushed the buggy off to the side and high-tailed it to the restroom, sat her down on the potty and she tooted! That was it folks, there was no potty action that time. We headed back to finish checking out, and we were off.

Two more trips to the local grocery store (needed chips for the Super Bowl, and then realized we had no Ro-Tel for the dip) with no accidents and an accident free afternoon. Until mommy was distracted by the Super Bowl and the questionable at best commercials this year (really only a few that I thought even cut it), but again it was minor and in her defense she was running up the driveway singing “I gotta potty, I gotta potty, I gotta pah-ah-teee” quickly followed by an “oops, me already pah-ah-teed!” The girl is a walking musical I tell you, she’s got a song for everything!!

Sunday night was another battle to put the pull up on, but Monday morning she woke up dry as a bone!! All day Monday at daycare was a success!! No accidents even at nap time!! Monday night was not much of a fight with the pull up, and this morning, dry again!!
Dare I say – the Princess may be potty trained!!

There have been a few discussions about how it is not appropriate to pull down your pants and show people your new Dora panties or your Tinkerbelle panties, but all in all she is doing well!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

This requires a capital C!!

Ya'll it is COLD out side!! I mean if ever I were needing to use the word frigid now's the time!!!

Houston is 23 degrees - and there is a 60% chance of snow on Friday!!

We are having rolling power outages conserve electricity, it took me almost two hours to drive 16 miles!! And there is not even ice or snow on the road yet!!

Austin is 18 degrees with the same rolling power outages - in fact we have heard that there are state wide power outages in effect.

Dallas is 16 degrees with snow and ice all over - and they too are part of the state wide power outages.

i fully understand that this type of weather is probably pretty normal for people who live in New England, the Great Lakes Area, Montana and Wyoming (and I am sure some other states too) but here, deep in the heart of Texas our winters are never this eventful. So to some this is just a boring weather forecast from the Southern US, but for us it is definitely blog-worthy!!

Oh, and there will be pictures later this week of the snow - especially if we really do get the 6 inches they are talking about:)

Stay safe, stay warm, and have fun!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I need help...


I need help. I just ate half a pound of cheese. I love cheese, all kinds, American, Gouda, Blue, Feta, Mozzarella, you name it I will eat it.

You know the problem with eating all that cheese? It does nothing for my hips!!

Is there a CEA? You know Cheese Eaters Anonymous?

If I had one ounce of self control I would be ok, but alas, I do not.

I guess it's not that bad since there are not many I-just-have-to-eat-it-because-it's-right-in-front-of-me-taunting-me kind of foods, cheese is one, the other is cracker fried chicken with homemade cream gravy - and I may have only occasionally eaten the last bit of gravy with a spoon so such deliciousness would not go to waste. Come to think of it, I often eat well past the point of full, especially when it's so good you can taste it in your mouth just thinking about it!!

I fear the truth must come out, I am not a big sweet eater. Sure there is the monthly hand over the chocolate or you may not see tomorrow kinda day, but for the most part I am a salty snacker. I think for years i have tricked myself into thinking that the salty savory snacks and foods were much better than the sweet. I mean better in the sense that I would not gain a hundred pounds a year by eating them. I have not gained a hundred pounds, because on 5 foot 4 inch me, another hundred pounds may be frightening!! I have however gained about twenty five over the last year, which at the rate I am going could be a hundred pounds by 2014!

I digress, the point was, I like gazillions of other people have made it one of my goals to loose weight. But, and that is a big but (no pun intended) my plan is not to start fad diets and jump on and off the exercise bandwagon. Rather, I plan to start small, make little changes everyday and see where that gets me.

I have in the last three weeks lost a little over 5% of my total body weight. My small goal is 25-30 lbs before June. At two pounds per week this goal is attainable by mid April

Change number one was drinking more water. I started by drinking one tall tumbler of water just as I got home from work, and another about an hour before bed. Those two glasses are at least half of the recommended daily intake of water.

Change number two will be portion control - so as not to sit down and eat an entire block of cheese in one sitting!!

Change number three will be increase activity, take the kids to the park and run around with then instead of sitting on the swings with them.

Baby steps people, baby steps. And the first is to step away from the cheese:)!

What are you doing to stay fit? What other small changes can I make to shed these extra pounds?