Tuesday, January 4, 2011

We Make Our Own Words

Our family is infamous for making up our own words. Actually I think it is probably because we all get talking so fast our brain can't keep up and words are spliced and reconnected to make new words.


1. Purpodent - an act done on purpose made to look like an accident - anyone with kids, or siblings knows about purpodents, you just didn't know there was a word for that.

2. Zitten - a tiny tiny pimple (zit) that will not go away, and has now become like a pet.

3. Unwhelm - it's what you need to do when you are over whelmed.

And the newest edition...


Which is apparently what describes my head when my son looks at me through his new "night-vision" goggles. Umm, thanks, I think...

What words or phrases does your family have/use? Are there any that have stuck around that you incorporate in regular vocabulary?

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Bellismom said...

We use the word "outrance." When I was little I had the revelation that if a door where you enter is called an entrance then the door where you go out should be called and outrance instead of an exit.

Cat said...

Too funny! and, thanks for your sweet comment. Hope you and your fam had a wonderful Christmas and New Year's! I just realized that my new blog name (well, not on there yet, but will be soon) and your blog name both have the word Chaos in it. We're more alike than I thought! ;)