Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I Wish I Had a Picture for This!!!

I work for an environmental company, the kind that cleans up big spills, manages Super Fund Sites, handles regulatory requirements for large manufacturing, industrial, and oil and gas companies.

About three years ago one of my coworkers had a bright idea, we should recycle. The problem is that here in our area it costs a great deal of money to have someone pick up your recycling, and the office generates too much to fit in those little blue bins. This particular coworker thought it would be great if we would all take turns loading up all the unwanted paper and taking it to the local school to the Abitibi bin.

The problem with this is that our volunteers have dwindled; the sole volunteer left is me. The problem is compounded by the fact that this bin, much like the common run of the mill dumpsters, only has small openings on the side and a plastic lid on the top. A plastic lid that seems to always be closed, a lid that is over my head, and over my reach for that matter. Standing tall at 5’4” I have no other choice than to position my truck just so that it is close enough to stand on the running bar and attempt to fling open the top and hurry and lift the blue bin full of paper into the opening to wedge the lid so that I may dump in all the other bins (usually 6 in total) before I empty the first.

Please keep in mind that this is in a middle school parking lot, and by the time I go school is out, and I have an audience.

On several occasions I have accidentally dropped things inside, my sunglasses, rings, the blue bins themselves, and the upper half of me once fell in!
Oh, to have a picture to go along with this post.

I have asked the office for more volunteers, so that I am not risking life and accessory every week. Well see what the response is.

Or I may just default to the VP’s statement when people say things like, “we’re an environmental company, we need to recycle, it’s our duty,” he always says, “Well heck, we make landfills too”