Thursday, January 6, 2011

3 am

This morning at 3 am I was awoken by Jenna. Her small little whiny voice saying "Me neeed to pahhtyeee." In my middle of the night stupor I am most certain my reply was, "YOu are wearing a diaper sweet girl, just pee pee in your diaper." To which she said "No, and me want ceral," which translated means cereal.

Umm, mind you it is 3 am! We get up, use the potty and I attempt to lay her back in bed. Then she kindly reminds me in a shrill-like voice that I am sure the dogs heard, that she still wanted cereal.

I walk her to the kitchen, put some cereal in a bowl and just enough milk to wet the cereal, my plan was to lay back in bed with her by my side and at least rest while she ate.

We sit on the bed and I try to position everything just so, when her leg goes flying and so does the bowl of cereal, all over my bed, at 3 am.

And then she said it, her sweet little voice, with an "I told you so" sing-song tone "I saaaid, sit at the taable. Siiyy mommy." Really at 3 am I am a "Silly mommy."

I cleaned up the mess and walked her back to the kitchen table, gave her another small bowl of cereal, she ate and then we went back to bed.

So, what were you doing at 3 am?