Monday, December 20, 2010

It's His Time to Fly

What do you get a boy who has everything? A 15 year old boy at that??
He’s got a cell phone, an I-Touch, a laptop, 4 dirt bikes, every gaming system one could think of and all the video games to boot. The dilemma my parents were faced with was just that.
I guess with us girls it was easier the answer for all the “important” birthdays was jewelry. With boys it is just not that easy.
They looked for an older model truck Joe could tinker with over the next year while he learned to drive, but that was either unsuccessful, or mom and dad just came up with a better idea.

Joe’s birthday present was to fly this…

Amazing I tell you!! He was so excited! He has now decided that he wants to take up flying, in fact, on his Christmas wish list, a Cessna (hate to break the kid’s heart, but that’s not happening).

Houston Skyline, not sure if it was foggy or smoggy :)

Aerial of Joe’s high school, which just so happens to be my old high school too:)

I guess it is just getting time to let him spread his wings and fly!!