Monday, October 25, 2010

Oh, Columbus Day...

Here where we live, Columbus Day is used for Parent/Teacher Conferences. Joy!! So the week before, the kiddos bring home notes from the teacher dictating when you are to arrive and meet to discuss your child.

I have that child, you know, the one who gets notes sent home everyday. I am fairly certain my phone number is on his teacher’s speed dial! Let’s just say with my two, life always stays interesting.

So I get a note from Jay’s teacher telling me when I am supposed to be there, and another note from AJ’s teacher letting me know that I do not need to meet with her. Super, only one conference!!

I took a late lunch that day to meet with the teacher. Wouldn’t you know, there was something that transpired the Thursday the week before. Hmm. Apparently there was a substitute teacher, and several other students were absent as well (yucky fall Houston-allergy induced crude going around). My child and another boy, although I am certain that Jay was the master mind behind the scheme, decided to sit together, at the wrong table. Therefore, the two of them were actually counted as being absent; while the two children who were the “real” absent ones were marked present. Are you following all of this? Whilst Jay and his buddy were sitting together (which the teacher realized would not work on the first day of school, yes, my child came home with a note for misconduct on the first day of school, was a horrible, bad, awful idea) they raised all kinds of trouble, laughing, giggling, cutting up, talking, you name it, these two were doing it!! Leaving the substitute to do what any good substitute would do, write a note to the teacher.

Upon her return the teacher promptly scolded the two “misbehavers” and proceeded to revoke their recess privileges and used her planning time to call their parents. Umm, one problem, those two were ABSENT the day before!! It almost worked like a charm, Jay almost got away with a perfect plan, except the kids he and his buddy were imposter-ing were very good students and it was very un-like them to misbehave, so the teacher was calling to make sure everything was ok at home, since their behavior at school was so off.

It is sad that I could not bring myself to scold the child too harshly, since it was after all a clever idea, but I did tell him that type of behavior is not acceptable, and you may wind up in jail for impersonating somebody.