Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

One really great thing about the consulting field is all the vendors we use. The great thing about these vendors, free lunches, and free game tickets. The bad thing is they usually come last minute-ish.

This was no different, about the time I was walking out of my office, my phone rang. Normally I would just let it ring and let voicemail get it, but I have a semi-big project going on and also had a dreaded feeling that something was not going to go right with it over the weekend (everything was just peachy by the way).

I answered the phone and I got "Hey Megan, it's Jerry. I've got some tickets to the Astros for tonight's game and wondered if there was anyone there that would like to use them"

Sure!! I'll take them! So I waited around a bit for the tickets to be delivered and then I was out the door to pick up the kiddos and head to the game.

We picked up dinner on the way to the game and ate in the car. I drove all the way to Minute Maid Park - and did not get lost once!! Even though we left the house about quarter till 6, we still managed to get food, eat, park and find our seats before the game began!! Did I mention that I did not get lost once!!

Here are a few pictures, and there are only a few because my battery died!!

AJ smiling

Jenna and Jay caught off guard

Jenna and Mommy.
Since I was so proud of myself for NOT getting lost on the way there, I will tell you that I DID get lost on the way out - I mean on the way out of the building people!! I did not exit from the same door I entered. Thank God my little man has a great sense of direction!!! He kept telling me "we need to turn here mom, turn here, see I remember that just go straight," all the way to where the car was parked!! And wouldn't you know I also got lost trying to leave downtown Houston!! I will give you one guess as to who told me I was going the wrong way for three miles...AJ!! "Mom, you need to turn around, mom, turn here, mom!!" Yes, my 8 year old directed me out of Downtown Houston!!



Those are great perks! Looks like a fun night for you all!