Friday, August 13, 2010

The Cake

Ok, so a while back, I posted about making fondant from scratch - kind of. Here is what I made the fondant for.

The ingredients used:)
First I started by greasing and flour-ing the pans.
It was getting kinda hectic by this point I had a few kids hopped up on a marshmallow high, so the Pictures started to take a back seat to the chaos going on. As I recall there were also several other neighborhood kids in the house that I was trying to fend off by throwing marshmallows out the door and watching them all run, or maybe that was just a thought:)
In the oven they went,
and out they came:) Beautiful!!
The bride to be chose white cake and wanted chocolate frosting, which is not typical for a fondant cake, but she is my bestie, so she gets what ever her little heart desires!!
Then came time to dye the fondant, fun only if you do not have a bridal shower to be at in less than two hours!! So there I was sweating like a pig, rushing around trying to finish up, and the clock was ticking!!
Rolled out the fondant, and covered the cake, I told you at this point the pictures were not a priority, as I was mentally spazzing out since the clock was ticking and I had to finish the cake and shower, and arrive with said cake before the guests!!
Rolled out the white fondant, placed the template over the fondant and began cutting.
I spent an hour sitting over the fondant punching our little flowers and stars and rolling little blue flower centers.
In the end, this was the finished product, I arrived to the shower ahead of schedule, showered (and even a little cute), and before all the other guests!! Success!! This picture is not that great, there was very little cake left over and I have heard from a reliable source the groom-to-be may have eaten the leftover cake for breakfast the next morning.


Jeanette said...

Hey, it looks really good!

I saved your recipe for the fondant, I want to try it sometime. Thanks for posting it!

amy said...

amazing, meg!

Anonymous said...
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