Tuesday, June 29, 2010

To Camp, or Not to Camp??

I think I may be a bit over protective of my children. First let me tell you, I have been informed by medical professionals to stop bleaching things around my house, the kids’ toys, walls, doors, etc. I have been told that doing this all once a week is excessive. Really, excessive?? Can you be too clean?

I suppose you can, and then I hear my dad’s voice “A little dirt won’t hurt,” and then there is his dad’s voice “Bring me a glass of water, but make sure you wash your hands, and don’t breathe on it!” I have always grown up with cleanliness as part of my natural habit, you vacuum at least every other day, dust a couple of times a week, wash out sinks and baths after every use, the trash is taken out every day, etc. Has this all made me a bit over protective?

I ask because I do not let my kids go to public restrooms alone, they have never spent the night away from home unless they were with a grand parent. So, imagine how my heart sunk to the pit of my stomach when AJ asked to go to camp this summer. I mean go away, sleep over, gone for three days in another city camp!! What am I supposed to do???

Now to give you some insight this is camp with our church. With very nice people that we know and see on a regular basis and people who love AJ just like he was their own! Add to that, this child has a love and dedication to the lord like no eight year old I have ever met! Even when he was smaller there was an understanding well beyond his years about God, Jesus, and religion in general.

I know every parent swears that they have the brightest kid, and by no means am I denying that, but the reality is this kid is a sponge. He soaks up knowledge and information and retains it forever! He can spout any Bible verse he has read or been told, he can recite verbatim what he has watched on the Discovery Channel, Animal Planet or the History Channel.

How young is too young? When are they old enough to go away to camp? What would you do?


Ami said...

First, I'm not there yet, as LK is only 5. But, I think 8 is ok for an overnight camp... especially with a church group. And, especially if he's asking and is mature and responsible. Of course, ask me again in 2 years when LK is old enough to go to the church camp my church goes to, and I may have a completely different perspective. :)