Monday, June 21, 2010

Schools Out For Summer:)

Sadly baseball season has come to an end for us. What on earth will I do with free Saturdays?? I have plans for a garage sale soon, lets hope the weather will hold out!!

School is over, the kids are so excited about that!!

I love my very sensitive, oldest child!! I love all my children really, but AJ is so sweet it kills me sometimes!! Last night while I was laying in bed I heard crying. It was AJ, he was crying because he missed his teacher. Guys, she is the greatest teacher, really, and no offense to any of you who are teachers, she is just that awesome. And, to top it off, he has had her for two years in a row!! No, he did not fail, they moved her up to teach second grade as AJ moved up to second grade and we were so incredibly blessed to be able to have AJ in her class for another year!! She is so sweet, she has even come to a couple of the boys baseball games to watch them.

So enough of that mushy stuff - what do you guys have planned for the summer? What ways do you get out or in to beat the heat? We have no real plans, maybe some spontaneous trips to the zoo, museum, or the beach, but no set plans as of yet.