Monday, June 7, 2010

My, oh, my, how time flies!!!

Oh, how time flies!!! This Friday was my 10 yr reunion. Did you hear that? 10 YEARS!!! Oh goodness how it seems time has just flown by with out a second glance at life around me!!

As strange as it seems for me to even say it, it is true; ten years ago I was graduating, planning on going away for college and trying to figure out what all this adult stuff was about. I figured out the adult stuff pretty quickly, well the basics of it anyway.

I wish I had pictures to show you of the reunion, but short of hijacking everyone else’s off Face Book, I have none, the camera died while we were at dinner!! One lonely picture of me all by myself at dinner, and I can’t even download that one, because the camera is still dead!!
We had a graduating class of over 700 people!! There were probably 200-300 people their in attendance. With only TWO bartenders!! Let me tell you guys, Class of 2000 partied hard back in the day and they still party hard. Those bartenders had to work for their money!! They never stopped!!

It was so good seeing all the old familiar faces, catching up on where everyone is, what they are doing, etc. My sister went with me and I think she was a bit nervous at first, like she would feel out of place or uncomfortable, but she had a blast. I would be lying if I said it was ok. It was great!! Great people, great memories, great times and new great memories made too!!

I had a great time with a select few people that I have known since elementary school!! Add a few more that I have known since middle school, and then there were the people that I only met in high school. Honestly, it is like we all picked up right where we left off!!

Spectacular!!! Awesome!! Amazing! Counting down the days to the next reunion, although I can say I am not looking forward to being close to 50!!

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JD said...

I'm so glad that you enjoyed the reunion - and that your sis had a good time too!

I have to admit I felt a slight bit old reading that you were celebrating your 10th! I'm two years from my 20th. I'm not sure how that's possible, but anyway...

Catherine said...

Wow! and I thought you were older than me! I celebrated my 10 yr reunion last year.

amy said...

I'm sad I missed it! It would have been fun to see everyone! Glad you had a great time!!