Tuesday, June 29, 2010

To Camp, or Not to Camp??

I think I may be a bit over protective of my children. First let me tell you, I have been informed by medical professionals to stop bleaching things around my house, the kids’ toys, walls, doors, etc. I have been told that doing this all once a week is excessive. Really, excessive?? Can you be too clean?

I suppose you can, and then I hear my dad’s voice “A little dirt won’t hurt,” and then there is his dad’s voice “Bring me a glass of water, but make sure you wash your hands, and don’t breathe on it!” I have always grown up with cleanliness as part of my natural habit, you vacuum at least every other day, dust a couple of times a week, wash out sinks and baths after every use, the trash is taken out every day, etc. Has this all made me a bit over protective?

I ask because I do not let my kids go to public restrooms alone, they have never spent the night away from home unless they were with a grand parent. So, imagine how my heart sunk to the pit of my stomach when AJ asked to go to camp this summer. I mean go away, sleep over, gone for three days in another city camp!! What am I supposed to do???

Now to give you some insight this is camp with our church. With very nice people that we know and see on a regular basis and people who love AJ just like he was their own! Add to that, this child has a love and dedication to the lord like no eight year old I have ever met! Even when he was smaller there was an understanding well beyond his years about God, Jesus, and religion in general.

I know every parent swears that they have the brightest kid, and by no means am I denying that, but the reality is this kid is a sponge. He soaks up knowledge and information and retains it forever! He can spout any Bible verse he has read or been told, he can recite verbatim what he has watched on the Discovery Channel, Animal Planet or the History Channel.

How young is too young? When are they old enough to go away to camp? What would you do?

Monday, June 28, 2010

Facing Your Fears

A few months ago, our minister preached on “Facing Your Fears” with one whole sermon devoted to “Failure”.

Oddly enough, the many times I have been asked “What is your greatest fear?” The one thing that seemed to smother all other miniscule fears I may have, was and still is to some extent my fear of failure. Call it oldest child syndrome, call it my need for perfection, call it what you like. My fear of failure has always played a major role in choices and decisions that I have made through out my life.

You see, I often thought about what my life was supposed to be like, what kind of daughter/sister/mom/wife/friend I am “supposed” to be, with out regard to my own needs or happiness. I just kind of molded to be what I “thought” I was supposed to do/be. As I sat and listened to this sermon, tears flowed. You see that is me, taking two steps out of the boat and then realizing that I am standing on water, freaking out, and turning tail to jump back into that boat.

It is no secret that I have control issues, you know the kind where I freak out if I am not in control. If there is a wrench thrown into my plans, it takes very little to stress me out beyond belief! It is a process I am working on, and it is so much easier to work on that if I am honest with people around me. The first step is admitting you have a problem, right? Hi, I am Megan, I have control issues. Daily I ask God to guide me, show me, and point me the direction I need to go.

It came as no surprise to me that Matt was going to tell me to step out of the boat, and which his advice would be to step out and fully trust that God would do what I asked of him. Matt even said it is ok to sink; it is ok to begin to drown even. He then said the one part that will stick with me forever; sometimes you have to begin to sink before you will give it all up fully to Him. He also said the first couple of steps are the easiest, it’s the third, fourth, fifth steps that are harder. Then slowly you see that each step gets easier and easier.

So, my fear of failure, yeah, it’s still lingering around and probably will be for a while, but I am taking steps – one day at a time – to move forward. Knowing this time, He is holding me, guiding me, and showing me the way. I will not drown, I will not sink.

Ironically, after typing all of this using water as a metaphor – my second biggest fear… drowning! Go figure. What, or who has guided you in some of the most important decisions of your life? Do you look back on some of your decisions that seemed insignificant at the time, and realize later that those were some pretty important choices? What are your fears?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Traveling Mom

So all last week I was away from home traveling for work, in fact, I am gone again today. We have been in the process of integrating a new system in our region. Our office went first and passed with flying colors, all thanks to your truly. Well maybe not all thanks to me, a lot of thanks go to all our administrative staff for their support and backing the choices that I made and seeing everything through to the end.

However, since we did pass with flying colors, we were asked to assist the corporate office by getting a baseline evaluation from all other midcontinent offices. Thus began my life as a traveling mom.

I have been in five cities in five days, up at the literal crack of dawn, watched the sun rise in all five cities, and awake to actually watched it set as well!! Amazing is the scenery between Kansas and Oklahoma. Ok, I am sure some of you reading this think I have lost all my marbles, but this little lady doesn’t get out much and aside from a couple of trips to the country in upstate New York, I have seen very little of much else besides the Great State of Texas.

A quick run down, Tuesday last week I was at the airport at 5:30 am to catch a 7 am flight from Houston to Midland. Wednesday I was up at 4:00 to catch a 6:30am flight (that was cancelled) from Midland to Dallas, Thursday I was up at 3:15am to catch a 6 am flight from Dallas to Kansas City MO. Drove from Kansas City, MO to Topeka KS, spent the day in Topeka and then drove from Topeka to Tulsa. Friday I was up at 5 am to head into our Tulsa office, we left Tulsa and flew back into Houston where our flight landed at exactly 5pm – five minutes early!!

Goodness it was so much traveling, I am still tired!! I am sitting in a hotel room in Austin as I type this – thank God they did not try to throw in Austin last week too! As much fun as it sounds it was grueling. But at the same time it was kind of nice to be responsible for only one person for a while. Honestly, I kept thinking I was forgetting something everywhere I went.

I will be back with the kiddos tomorrow evening, God willing and the creek don’t rise, we will have a quiet weekend ahead of us.

Oh, wait… I just remembered it will not be a quiet weekend….

Stay tuned to see what Chaos we will drum up next.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

How do you Weigh in??

It has been quite some time that I just simply blogged about one day in our very hectic life. I will deviate a bit by saying that work and family have made me a traveling gal recently and none of that has been related to a vacation. Of which, I am sure I am in dire need.

So with that said, here goes. I picked the kiddos up yesterday from the nanny, and had some errands to run, all of which could be done by attending the dreaded Wally World. I say dreaded because that is not a fun store most of the days, it is almost always packed (except for the wee hours of the night), and there are never enough registers open. Plus let’s just be completely honest here, no store is fun during rush hour traffic and after a twelve hour day!

So I park, and we were fairly close to the entrance, yippee!! Load Jenna in the buggy and the boys were walking next to me. We waited at customer service to take care of one errand, a long line, but thankfully it only took a few minutes to get through. Then we proceed to go figure out what we wanted for dinner. Mind you, it is 6 pm and Jenna is well into her “Diva” attitude and the boys, well they are just plain silly by this time in the evening.

Luckily I did have some pumpkin seeds in my purse and bribed all three to behave by handing them only one seed at a time – hey peeps, I had to ration, the supplies were limited. Of course after we get what we needed the boys needed to look at Nerf guns, so we went to peruse the toy isle, they knew full well they would not be purchasing anything, they were strictly “window shopping” – which Jay does not understand because he said there were no windows to buy there:)

Jenna began to get fussy, I started to get the boys wrangled and ready to leave, then I see this…

Oh, I think I will have to weigh my child on the way in and then again on the way out.
What do you do? How do you make it through errands, shopping, and daily life with kids in tow?

Monday, June 21, 2010

Schools Out For Summer:)

Sadly baseball season has come to an end for us. What on earth will I do with free Saturdays?? I have plans for a garage sale soon, lets hope the weather will hold out!!

School is over, the kids are so excited about that!!

I love my very sensitive, oldest child!! I love all my children really, but AJ is so sweet it kills me sometimes!! Last night while I was laying in bed I heard crying. It was AJ, he was crying because he missed his teacher. Guys, she is the greatest teacher, really, and no offense to any of you who are teachers, she is just that awesome. And, to top it off, he has had her for two years in a row!! No, he did not fail, they moved her up to teach second grade as AJ moved up to second grade and we were so incredibly blessed to be able to have AJ in her class for another year!! She is so sweet, she has even come to a couple of the boys baseball games to watch them.

So enough of that mushy stuff - what do you guys have planned for the summer? What ways do you get out or in to beat the heat? We have no real plans, maybe some spontaneous trips to the zoo, museum, or the beach, but no set plans as of yet.


Monday, June 7, 2010

My, oh, my, how time flies!!!

Oh, how time flies!!! This Friday was my 10 yr reunion. Did you hear that? 10 YEARS!!! Oh goodness how it seems time has just flown by with out a second glance at life around me!!

As strange as it seems for me to even say it, it is true; ten years ago I was graduating, planning on going away for college and trying to figure out what all this adult stuff was about. I figured out the adult stuff pretty quickly, well the basics of it anyway.

I wish I had pictures to show you of the reunion, but short of hijacking everyone else’s off Face Book, I have none, the camera died while we were at dinner!! One lonely picture of me all by myself at dinner, and I can’t even download that one, because the camera is still dead!!
We had a graduating class of over 700 people!! There were probably 200-300 people their in attendance. With only TWO bartenders!! Let me tell you guys, Class of 2000 partied hard back in the day and they still party hard. Those bartenders had to work for their money!! They never stopped!!

It was so good seeing all the old familiar faces, catching up on where everyone is, what they are doing, etc. My sister went with me and I think she was a bit nervous at first, like she would feel out of place or uncomfortable, but she had a blast. I would be lying if I said it was ok. It was great!! Great people, great memories, great times and new great memories made too!!

I had a great time with a select few people that I have known since elementary school!! Add a few more that I have known since middle school, and then there were the people that I only met in high school. Honestly, it is like we all picked up right where we left off!!

Spectacular!!! Awesome!! Amazing! Counting down the days to the next reunion, although I can say I am not looking forward to being close to 50!!

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