Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Little Miss Sassy Pants

This little one is super sassy, gloriously girly, a pint size princess who packs a punch (ask her brothers), a real diva in training, although I think she has the diva part down pat!!

She is so funny, full of wonder, attitude, and pure child like innocence that radiates from her sweet smile. I may be just a tiny bit biased:). At 19 months she is boisterous, bouncy, bossy and beautiful!! She is mommy's little angel baby, little sister to her two wonderful brothers, daddy's little girl, she is our Jenna Bear!!

I sat with her on the sofa last night and listened to her holler at her brothers "Jay, hu-we, huuu-weee, huuuu-weeee boy!!" and that was followed by "AJ----AAAA--Jaaaayyyy, ---- ugh" (complete with an eye roll and a head roll) then she climbed down off of the sofa and stomped over to his bedroom with her hands on her hips, knocked on his door, and said "A-J mout, nooooowwwww!!" As AJ walked out she smiled up at him and said "Hi" waving her hand like crazy!!

Oh, goodness, she is a teeny tiny monster - what will we be dealing with in 5 years, or 10 years? All I know is that it cracks me up, keeps us on our toes, and boy does she have her brothers wrapped around her little fingers!!!

She is just too cute to get mad at, there is no way you can scold her with her sweet smile and happy go lucky attitude, no matter how sassy she gets!!