Sunday, May 16, 2010

Busy Bees

We have been terribly busy around here.

Field days for both the boys - which meant this momma took two half days at work!! Pictures will come soon, but I promise not to show you all of them!! I took around three HUNDRED pictures of the two days combined! The boys had a blast, each of them. It was so great to see them running around and playing, acting silly and having so much fun with their classmates.

Baseball, baseball, baseball - we are just about ready to wrap up the last part of the season and then we will have play-offs. The boys are so excited about play-offs and their chance to win a big trophy! We also found out that our league will be hosting some of the preliminary games for the Little League World Series! This is great news for our league and an excellent opportunity for the kids to get involved with helping to prepare for the big event!

We interviewed a new person to watch the kiddos, we love the day care facility that they are at now, but we are needing something a bit more flexible to accommodate my work schedule. She was absolutely lovely!! The kids all loved her and after several phone conversations, e-mails, and meetings in person I have decided that she is the right one to care for our kids when I can not. Plus after all said communications, I realized that she and I are so much alike! I really feel at peace with this decision.

Oh yes, my work schedule, when I was changed to the new position, it was to help with a very large project that is due to kick off June 1st. We are wrapping up the last bits of it so that we can go live the first week of June. We are almost there, but there are some long nights ahead of me!!

Lots of changes around here, and at home, I am hoping to have a new look for the blog in the next month or so. If you have not checked out my review blog, hop on over and see what's happening over there. Right now there is a chance to win $125!! It could be you:)


Erin Lutz said...

Lol! Your schedule sounds like mine! Hope you are doing well.

Deb said...

Sounds incredibly busy, but fun! Miss chatting with you and think of you often:)

The Silva's said...

We are doing well, crazy busy around here and the IT department at work has changed the security settings so we can no longer view anything in blogger while at work!! Dang them for actually wanting us to *work!!