Friday, May 28, 2010

Are you my mother?

A couple of Sundays ago, we were getting ready for church. All ready to run out the door when I realized that I did not have Jenna's sandals. While that should not be a big deal, it kinda was. I mean I was not going to send he in a sun dress and pink converse (even thought secretly I think it is cute).

Where had we been? Where was the last place I had seen them?

My parent's house! I called, yes they were there. Score!! Good thing that mom's house is on the way-ish to Church.

I pull into the driveway, jump out and run up to the front door.

I feel this crazy flapping hitting on the top of my head - I mean I can feel my hair getting tangled!! So I gracefully squealed, flailed my arms above my head and ran inside. Seriously my heart felt like it wanted to jump right out of my throat!! I also think that is the closes I have ever been to ever having a heart attack!!

I was attacked - by a bird!! These crazy state birds we have - have you heard of them, a mocking bird? They are terrible protective of their space and their babies. Only problem, I was attacked by the baby!! To top it off, this baby thinks my mom's neighbor is his mom.

Keith has fed the baby bird, and I would not believe it if i had not seen the pictures, but this baby bird will perch on Keith and stay, sit, and watch from atop Keith's head, or shoulders, or where ever the bird is comfortable at the time.

Kind of reminds me of the Dr. Suess book, Are You My Mother?

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Growing Up Before Your Eyes

Ok, we are now in the play offs, school is coming to an end, and there may actually be a light at the end of the tunnel! The crazy days of Spring are coming to an end as we near closer and closer to the lazy days of Summer. Although if past experience is any indication of what this summer will be like, lazy would not be the word to describe it.

I mentioned the boys are in play off mode, it is double elimination, so even though they lost last night, they go on and play again on Thursday. We went and watched the first play off game on Monday night, and there is another one tonight that we will go watch. It is so neat to watch the boys and their competitive spirits come out as they watch the other teams play. Standing right at the fence cheering their friends on, and there might have even been some yelling at the umpires. I have no clue where they would get the notion that it is "OK" to fuss at the umpires, there is no way that was behavior they learned from me, well, ok, maybe they learned it from me. At least they are getting good about being able to make calls - the boys that is.

I think one of the greatest things I have watched this Spring is the boys actually learn the game. I mean they are leaving with more than the you hit the ball and run the bases idea of baseball. They realize there are plays, strategies, and mistakes that can make or break your game.

I often forget that they are still so little. I sat and talked to another parent last night and realized for the first time all season, that AJ is one of the youngest kiddos on his team. Jay - he is the youngest (that's because mom can not be in two places at once - so we moved him up). All the other players are in third grade, AJ in second grade, and Jay in 1st.

Then I watched with a new found sense of admiration my boys, my babies played ball with the big kids. Then it hit me, they too were the big kids. What in the world am I going to do with them? I mean I could ask them to stop growing up, but then I would never have that feeling that I had last night. That realization that they were learning, having fun, and enjoying life.

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Busy Bees

We have been terribly busy around here.

Field days for both the boys - which meant this momma took two half days at work!! Pictures will come soon, but I promise not to show you all of them!! I took around three HUNDRED pictures of the two days combined! The boys had a blast, each of them. It was so great to see them running around and playing, acting silly and having so much fun with their classmates.

Baseball, baseball, baseball - we are just about ready to wrap up the last part of the season and then we will have play-offs. The boys are so excited about play-offs and their chance to win a big trophy! We also found out that our league will be hosting some of the preliminary games for the Little League World Series! This is great news for our league and an excellent opportunity for the kids to get involved with helping to prepare for the big event!

We interviewed a new person to watch the kiddos, we love the day care facility that they are at now, but we are needing something a bit more flexible to accommodate my work schedule. She was absolutely lovely!! The kids all loved her and after several phone conversations, e-mails, and meetings in person I have decided that she is the right one to care for our kids when I can not. Plus after all said communications, I realized that she and I are so much alike! I really feel at peace with this decision.

Oh yes, my work schedule, when I was changed to the new position, it was to help with a very large project that is due to kick off June 1st. We are wrapping up the last bits of it so that we can go live the first week of June. We are almost there, but there are some long nights ahead of me!!

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Monday, May 10, 2010

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Little Miss Sassy Pants

This little one is super sassy, gloriously girly, a pint size princess who packs a punch (ask her brothers), a real diva in training, although I think she has the diva part down pat!!

She is so funny, full of wonder, attitude, and pure child like innocence that radiates from her sweet smile. I may be just a tiny bit biased:). At 19 months she is boisterous, bouncy, bossy and beautiful!! She is mommy's little angel baby, little sister to her two wonderful brothers, daddy's little girl, she is our Jenna Bear!!

I sat with her on the sofa last night and listened to her holler at her brothers "Jay, hu-we, huuu-weee, huuuu-weeee boy!!" and that was followed by "AJ----AAAA--Jaaaayyyy, ---- ugh" (complete with an eye roll and a head roll) then she climbed down off of the sofa and stomped over to his bedroom with her hands on her hips, knocked on his door, and said "A-J mout, nooooowwwww!!" As AJ walked out she smiled up at him and said "Hi" waving her hand like crazy!!

Oh, goodness, she is a teeny tiny monster - what will we be dealing with in 5 years, or 10 years? All I know is that it cracks me up, keeps us on our toes, and boy does she have her brothers wrapped around her little fingers!!!

She is just too cute to get mad at, there is no way you can scold her with her sweet smile and happy go lucky attitude, no matter how sassy she gets!!