Thursday, March 18, 2010

I Can Not Think of Something Clever...

Ok, where do I start? Monday I received a call from the daycare letting me know that Jenna was running a fever of 101.7. Great!! I leave work, call the doctor and head to pick Jenna up and take her down to be seen.

I walk into the doctors office, stand at the front desk with Jenna waiting to sign her in. At this time she is coughing up a storm, I am patting her back to loosen up the junk and the girl spews all down the left side of me. Seriously, my hair, my shirt, my pants covered. She looks at my left shoulder says "Eww" and turns her head and lays it on my right shoulder. No sooner did she lay her head down then vomit more all over the right side of me. All over my phone, all in my purse, my hair, my shirt, my pants. The only thing safe was my socks. I attribute that to the fact that they were safely nestled inside my shoes!!

Nurses come running, patients go running, and me? I try to save my phone, as I try to wipe it off it falls out of my hand, slides across the floor and under the chairs. The only thing I said was "Awe Heck!!" The whole waiting room burst out in laughter. I am then rushed into the restroom where the nurse hands me several gowns and disposable blankets to change myself and Jenna. As I stand there looking at myself in the mirror, and looking down at my purse which was beginning to drip, I thought there is no way on earth I was walking out of that bathroom wearing a gown into the waiting room!! I toss my purse into the sink, as to not drip on the floor. Only to realize that it is one of those fancy automatic sinks, and now water was pouring into my purse!! I pulled it out, dumped as much water as I could out and draped myself with the gown so Jenna had a dry place to lay her head. I took Jenna's shirt off and wrapped her in one of the blankets, which is actually more like a giant paper towel.

We were taken back to the exam room immediately. The doctor checked her out and sent us on our way with the explanation of the Norwalk Virus. Which sounds scarier than it really is!! So off we went and we stayed home for two days, took her back in for a follow up, and we were sent to get x-rays.

The poor girl has pneumonia! One good thing is that we have been through this a thousand times with AJ already, and Jenna a few times as well. So we know what to do, how to help her, and we even still had lots of the meds she needed to take!!

She woke up happy and smiley this morning and slept much better last night as well.

Aren't you glad this post doesn't have any pictures??


Kristin said...

Oh Megan - I am so sorry - that office visit sounds excrutiating. I hope the phone was salvageable.

Hope everyone gets better soon.

amy said...

OH my gosh! SO sorry... sounds totally like my life. pure chaos! ha! Makes for good blog posts though- that's a plus. :) Poor Jenna- hope she's feeling better.

Catherine Moore said...

I'm so sorry :( Glad she's feeling better. Nothing is worse than having sick kids and feeling so helpless because you can't make it go away fast enough.

Anonymous said...

Good fill someone in on and this mail helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you on your information.

Erin Lutz said...

Oh my. Sound like a *great time. Not. Glad she is on the mend!

Tina said...


So sorry about the baby being must have been a sight.

You are the featured blogger for Blogher today...didn't know if you had noticed.