Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It's a Zoo Out There

Monday night Jay had his first school program. Actually, they arrange for the first graders to sing various songs and rope all the parents into coming to watch their sweet kiddos sing while they announce their hidden agenda called a PTO meeting! Great job guys, you filled the cafeteria.

I digress, the point of this was that Jay had his first performance, on stage, singing for all to hear:) The pictures are not great, due to the tall guy in the front row and the fact that my camera thought I was taking a picture of his head instead of Jay's cute face on stage.

Before the program.

Walking on stage.

Trying really hard not to wave at us in the audience:)

Almost all of the kiddos in their costumes.

Jay and his equally wild friends!!

Another pic with the brother.

All of us, and it was loud in there!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Let's Play Ball!!!

It is official, Spring has sprung and the boys have kicked off their 2010 season of Little League Baseball. To say they are excited is an understatement. They love baseball, love being outside, and this year they will get to travel to the next field over when their games are done and watch their uncle play too!! They are super excited that they are experiencing this season with their uncle, and while I may be a bit biased since he is my brother, I am excited for them too! Oh, and let me tell you Miss Priss loves to watch them, yell for them, clap for them, and run around and grasp the attention of all the fans and parents in the stands!

Saturday was opening day and it was beautiful!! Last year was dreadfully cold and wet!! This year my one goal was to get some sun, and I achieved that and then some. The day started with the parade of all the teams, and introducing each player by name. The boys friends had a game that followed immediately after opening ceremonies, so we intended on watching them play. I had packed a cooler of lunch meat, bread and cheese, we were well prepared for a long day at the ball park!! The boys game followed that game and Uncle Jake had a double header.

We could not have asked for more beautiful weather! It was gorgeous, the kids had a blast, and momma got some sun:).

Friday, March 19, 2010

A few great babies...

Last year I walked with Team Coy. Coy is one of the most precious little boys ever, and his family, well they are just great too!! This year I will be walking with team Coy again, and I am so excited that his little sister will be there to join us!! God willing neither of the little ones are ill. Last year Coy had a bug and couldn't be there:(

And this is my first plug for March of Dimes. I have had a few friends who have had preemie babies, and guys let me just tell you the March of Dimes organization does so much to help raise awareness and continue to fund research for premature births, treatments for premature babies, and prevention of premature births.

Please help. By donating to Team Coy you are helping future babies go home with their parents.

Please help Team Coy reach their goal!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I Can Not Think of Something Clever...

Ok, where do I start? Monday I received a call from the daycare letting me know that Jenna was running a fever of 101.7. Great!! I leave work, call the doctor and head to pick Jenna up and take her down to be seen.

I walk into the doctors office, stand at the front desk with Jenna waiting to sign her in. At this time she is coughing up a storm, I am patting her back to loosen up the junk and the girl spews all down the left side of me. Seriously, my hair, my shirt, my pants covered. She looks at my left shoulder says "Eww" and turns her head and lays it on my right shoulder. No sooner did she lay her head down then vomit more all over the right side of me. All over my phone, all in my purse, my hair, my shirt, my pants. The only thing safe was my socks. I attribute that to the fact that they were safely nestled inside my shoes!!

Nurses come running, patients go running, and me? I try to save my phone, as I try to wipe it off it falls out of my hand, slides across the floor and under the chairs. The only thing I said was "Awe Heck!!" The whole waiting room burst out in laughter. I am then rushed into the restroom where the nurse hands me several gowns and disposable blankets to change myself and Jenna. As I stand there looking at myself in the mirror, and looking down at my purse which was beginning to drip, I thought there is no way on earth I was walking out of that bathroom wearing a gown into the waiting room!! I toss my purse into the sink, as to not drip on the floor. Only to realize that it is one of those fancy automatic sinks, and now water was pouring into my purse!! I pulled it out, dumped as much water as I could out and draped myself with the gown so Jenna had a dry place to lay her head. I took Jenna's shirt off and wrapped her in one of the blankets, which is actually more like a giant paper towel.

We were taken back to the exam room immediately. The doctor checked her out and sent us on our way with the explanation of the Norwalk Virus. Which sounds scarier than it really is!! So off we went and we stayed home for two days, took her back in for a follow up, and we were sent to get x-rays.

The poor girl has pneumonia! One good thing is that we have been through this a thousand times with AJ already, and Jenna a few times as well. So we know what to do, how to help her, and we even still had lots of the meds she needed to take!!

She woke up happy and smiley this morning and slept much better last night as well.

Aren't you glad this post doesn't have any pictures??

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

17 Months and Counting...

Oh my word my little one is growing up way too fast!! She is 17 months, and since we snatched the paci during daytime she is talking up a storm. We knew it was in her, since she does take after her mom. It was just a matter of time before she started talking and just. would. not. stop!!

I should also point out that this child quite possibly needs a name change, from Jenna to Attitude, with a capital "A". Oh you have no idea!!! She will look at you push you away and squeal "EEEHHH" or "No" or whatever gibberish she comes up with. You can ask her who has an attitude, she says "Me" very proudly and points to herself!! We are in for a world of trouble with this one!!

She walks very well, is very persistent about feeding herself all by herself, she loves to dance and twirl. Watch out for the shoe section at Target that girl can break the bank, or your eardrums with her screams for not getting another pair of shoes (I have figured out how to avoid the shoe area all together). She is a total girly girl and I love it!!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Are You Just Hearing??

Recently - as in minutes ago, I was explaining to a few people about AJ's hearing.

As an infant and young toddler, AJ had chronic ear infections, one right after another. Around the time he was two we decided what was best for him was to have tubes put in and his tonsils and adenoids removed. There were hearing tests done prior to the surgery. The results were not great, not bad, kind of just what we expected. He had 40% hearing loss in one ear and 60% hearing loss in the other. All in all he had 50% of his total hearing. The expectation was also that after the surgery the hearing would return. Maybe not 100% but we should see a "good improvement". That day never came. AJ is eight now, and still only has 50% of his hearing, the school has notes from his doctors stating that he has such hearing loss, to prevent little notes from coming home after the state mandated school hearing tests. They will send something home if there is change in the results. I don't anticipate that note will ever come home. AJ has never known in his short life what it is like to hear at 100%, he has always been able to communicate well, there are some words that you have to repeat to him and have him repeat back to you, because he just doesn't hear the word the way it is said. The word "supposed" comes to mind, he says "opposed" "yes" and "yea" were "la" for a very long time.

No worries though, he is doing quite well in school. Mastering and exceeding all of the areas, thriving to learn more. We have been incredibly lucky with the teachers that he has, they continue to push him to expand his mind and keep him interested in school and learning. At the beginning of each year, usually on the "Meet the Teacher" day, I talk to the teacher about his hearing. AJ does not know I have this conversation. I ask the teacher not to treat him any differently than any of the other children, don't rearrange seating because of his hearing. I always ask for the teacher to allow him the room to communicate a problem.

He undoubtedly does, every time. He lets the teacher know that he can not sit with his back to her, he needs to be able to see her lips when she is talking. He has learned to pay close attention to the kids around him to see if there is something going on. When I read this all and think about it in my head it seems as if he is so different than the other kids. He is not, other people are unaware of his hearing loss. He does not look play or speak any differently than any other kid his age. I think he thinks about things a bit differently, and I would only imagine that he actually hears things differently.

Last night he told me very matter of factly, "Mom, i am a better listener that you are,"

Sitting there, knowing what I know about his hearing I just knew that wasn't true. I responded, "Anthony, you are a good listener, but your ears don't hear as well as mommy's"

He retorted, "Your right, my ears don't hear as good as yours, but I listen better than you."

"What?" The kid had me puzzled for sure.

"Mom, you hear everything going on, you can hear us all at the same time, but you always say 'I can't hear you' or you ask 'what did you say' I don't hear I listen, there is a difference"

Aside from the fact that I was "hearing" Jay in the other room saying "Mom, you just got told!!" I was "hearing" what AJ said. And that got me to thinking, how many times am I siting there at home, at work where ever and while I am hearing what is going on, am I actually listening? Am I comprehending, understanding and empathizing with the world around me? Or am I just hearing noises as the world passes me by?