Thursday, February 4, 2010

Where Oh Where Has My Little Blog Been?

Oh goodness, it has been a while!

Where do I begin?

First we have had an extremely busy two weeks!! We had to move out of our house because of the orange mold. Move everything into storage while we found a new house, transfer all utilities, try to move everything into the new house, all while invading my parents home:). While AJ and Jay have just loved sleeping at Nana and Papa's every night for the past two weeks, I think all the adults are ready for things to go back to normal!! We will finish moving the rest of what is in storage this weekend (hopefully on Saturday so we don't miss the Super Bowl).
On a different note, I love the new house!! We are right across the street from the park. Literally 50 feet away!! There is a nice family that lives next to us, they have a teenage daughter and a 7 yo boy. Is it bad that I immediately thought about the daughter as a babysitter? I mean I would not leave the kids with her now, I don't know her right now, but if she is a nice girl, I could see maybe leaving the kids with her for a couple of hours while we go to dinner or something.

The boys will go to a new school, but I will not transfer them until this year ends. They will start fresh at the beginning of next year going to the same elementary school I went to, with many of the dame teachers, and some previous classmates (and good friends) of mine are also teachers there!! I am really excited about our new house, our new adventures to be had, our new memories to be made, and the newest leg of our journey as a family!!


Kristin said...

The house is so cute! I love it! Good luck with everything!

Deb in MD said...

Megan - I love the new house. I think it's great that you are letting the kids finish out the school year at their current school. But for the new school? Sounds like our school - we have a lot of teachers that used to go there when they were kids and still reside in the community. I think it adds to the quality of teaching.

amy said...

how exciting! love your new house. hope you get all settled in and just LOVE it. And a babysitter next door? NICE!! :)

Hey- are planning on going to the Reunion in June? I've got to meet your sweet kids!!

JD said...

Sounds like a great move! The house is sweet, and from the sounds of it, it won't take long for everyone to settle in and adjust to the great new surroundings!

Southern Woman said...

Yay, the new house sounds great, Megan! It looks great too! And a park right across the street - awesome!