Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Smashing Saturday

Saturday was full of plans to move things into the new house, take the boys to baseball tryouts, move more things into the new house, unpack and organize room by room, go to a bowling party for Jesse's company, and spend our first night in our new home.

One day I will realize my plans are not set in stone, I have to be flexible. This was one of those days.

The morning started as planned, kids were up, fed and dressed on time. We headed out to pick up some things from the storage unit and take them to the new house, along with the boys baseball gear for their tryouts later that day. I was a bit irritated that the tryout time had been pushed back, but we were able to find everything and relax a bit more before making our way to the ball park.

As I loaded up the kiddos to go to tryouts, my mom called and asked if we were on our way; she was at tryouts already with my youngest brother Jacob (who hasn't played baseball in 7 years or so), he needed a bat and batting helmet. We were taking him one of the boys to borrow, and we would watch the tail end of his tryouts before AJ and Jay had theirs.

I pull up to an intersection, the light was red, I stop, I glance in my rear view mirror and see this car getting closer and closer. Not slowing down a bit! I remember telling the boys "hang on", there was no one in front of me at the light, I lifted my foot off the brake to help decrease the impact of the two vehicles. As my truck slides through the intersection I hear the plastic/metal of the cars crunch, glass shatter, and the smell, the smell of the cars colliding.

I sat there stunned for what seemed like a couple of minutes, I am sure it was only a matter of seconds, I hear Jay, "Mom, what did you hit?"

I don't think I said what I was thinking, I know I told him I didn't hit anything, someone hit us. I was thinking "thanks for the vote of confidence kid!!"

I drove the car from the far left lane, onto a side street to the far right. I jumped out, looked at the truck, it seemed to only have a bit of damage to the bumper and the spare tire was knocked loose and dragging on the road. I looked back across the intersection where a lady was getting out of her car, the front was pretty smashed, fluid leaking everywhere!!

I called Jesse, he was at work, I called my mom to tell her to let the director know the boys would not make it to tryouts, and that I would not be taking Jacob a bat, or a batting helmet. I called my dad, I knew I needed someone there with me, but everyone was busy. Mom was with Jacob at the ball park, Jesse was at work, Dad had left to get his haircut.

Then I called 911.

Not to worry, we were all OK, the kiddos were talking just fine and Jenna was laughing. I was a bit worried about the boys, as they were both complaining of back pain, Jay was gagging and sounded like he was going to vomit. That worried me a bit, but I am pretty sure it was just his nerves. With in ten minutes of each other, the police showed up, then Jesse, then my dad, and then my mom.

The lady who hit us was texting while driving! Lovely, oh and to top it off, she has no insurance!!!

My truck was towed, I am now driving an electric blue PT Cruiser, affectionately nicknamed the clown mobile. No offense to anyone who has a PT Cruiser, it's just not my style. And now I have the pleasure of dealing with my insurance company to get things fixed. Hoping that they do not total my truck!!! I really like it, and I would like to keep it! To explain, thus far my insurance company has been great, literally an hour after the accident I was in a rental car.

After that, all my plans for Saturday went right out the window.

On a positive note, Jacob, the boy who has not played a lick of baseball in years, not only made the little league team, he made the Majors!!! Yeah Jacob!!!!!


Deb in MD said...

The texting while driving has gotten way out of hand and something has to be done about it. I am so glad you all are okay!

Stacey said...

Glad you and the kids are ok.

amy said...

oh my goodness! glad everyone is okay!

Jennifer said...

How scary, especially with your kids in the car! How are the boys backs now?

texting while driving has to be about the dumbest thing... would you write a letter while driving? No. So why the heck would you text?

I'm glad you are all okay!