Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Religion, Oh I am Gonna Go There:)

For many people religion is such a touchy subject. While many will openly discuss their beliefs and their God, there are still so many who. just. won't. For me religion is personal, almost private (well maybe not anymore). I say that meaning that my religion is a personal choice, and one I would like to keep that way.

Honestly I am all for religious discussions, I mean how else do you grow as a Christian or even a person if you are unwilling to hear other's thoughts and points of view on any given subject?

There have been many times where I was inclined to sit and type this all out, maybe in some way to clarify things for myself, but also to point out that even with in one religion there are many different points of view.

For example, I am Christian, but what does that mean other than the fact that i believe Jesus Christ died for my sins and all others? Why are there so many "sub" religions? Why is it that "they" are right and all others are wrong? You have so many rules with in these religions, and they are different between them all. If you are Catholic, there are so many things that are acceptable that are, well, just not if you are Baptist. So who is right? Is there a right?

This is just one of the reasons that I think people have such heated discussions about religion. There is no way that their way is the wrong way, and instead of being able to look at the big picture, it come to a battle of the minds and wills for who has the ability to out-argue or out-last the other.

Why can't they both be right? Is there anything that is really just black and white, cut and dry, right or wrong? Well, I guess you could say there are, speeding, murder, robbery, etc.

In my opinion (oh, no I am opening myself up to be bashed for having an opinion) religion is not about who is right or wrong, to me it is more about a way of living your life, choices that you make, living together in harmony as a community, cheesy I know. If we really did all follow that golden rule "Treat others as you would like to be treated" things could be so different!! Does it matter that someone who built a relationship with God never stepped foot in a church? How are they any more or less worthy than the person who only walked into church to ask for forgiveness for the sins they committed that week, and will commit the next? When it's all said and done I am in no position to judge anyone, for anything.

Really, the way that I see it, my God (not that he belongs to me) isn't going to care what name you called him by, whether or not you danced, if girls wore pants, etc. The way I see it, he cares more about how you treat others, how you treat yourself, how you choose to exemplify him in your daily life. Does any of that make sense? What are your thoughts?


Stacey said...

I don't have the answers. I have many questions about all this myself. I believe the answers are in the Bible, but everyone interprets it different.
This is why I chose to be be non-denominational.

JD said...

I completely understand how you feel!

The Silva's said...

I for sure have none of the answers!! Yes, the answers are out there in the Bible, and I am sure would be less open for interpretation if the Book had not been translated and retranslated a bajillion times:)

Heather in Texas said...

Hey girl! You won my contest! Email me your info and I will send out your prize!

Tina said...


I so agree....thanks for putting this into words. I know I believe at the end of the day...end of your matter what religion...we are all equal and will all sit together in heaven.