Monday, February 22, 2010

Meet Me Over Here...

Hi Simple Chaos readers!

My name is Catherine Moore. Nice to meet you! I stumbled across Megan's blog one night while I was feeding my infant and blog hopping (as I like to call it). :) When I saw the title "Simple Chaos", I knew I had to check it out.

I found it so ironic that was someones blog title because I'm a simple person, but my life is anything but simple! It's simply chaos! I kept reading and learned that Megan is mom of boys and is learning what it's like to now have a girl. Me too! I'm a stay at mom to one son (although it feels like two at times) and I'm leaning what little girls are all about! I kept reading and quickly learned I love to read what Megan writes! I knew right away that if Megan and I lived near one another, we'd definitely be IRL* friends!

Well, being blog friends will have to do, so let me say thanks for letting me steal Megan for a while as she is guest posting this morning on my blog, iBlog. I've just started iBlog, (a spin off of my personal blog) as a place to share things that I find inspirational, funny, helpful, creative or all of the above! So, "hop" on over and enjoy Megan's post in which she'll write about chaos ensuing at Target.

Every Monday I plan to feature a blog I love and want to share. I'm excited that Simple Chaos is my first! Enjoy!

*in real life

~Cat Moore