Monday, February 8, 2010

It's A Love/Hate Relationship

Well, seeing as we just moved most of everything into our new house, I thought it only fitting to make a list of what I love about moving. Maybe I should preface this with the fact that I have OCD that is comparable to "Monica" on Friends!!! This is a problem folks, you may not realize it, but it is!! Here goes my list:

  • Organizing cabinets, closets, drawers, just organizing everything!!
  • Rearranging furniture, oh, I don't know 148,739 times (hubs loves that one!!)
  • Finding old things, remembering the memories attached to all of them.
  • Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning!!! (I have two boxes of just cleaning products - I may buy more cleaning products than I do shoes)
  • Throwing things away (sadly it is usually hubs stuff, oops)

Here is my list of things I hate about moving:

  • Transporting all of our belongings.
  • Packing boxes.
  • Unpacking boxes.
  • My house in complete disarray.
  • Not knowing where anything is.

There really is more, but I will not continue to bore you with the monotony of my OCD. Really, just sitting here thinking about all the things that need to be put away at my house is making me want to leave early to go catch up on some of it before the kids get out of school!!


Erin Lutz said...

I love organizing stuff too! Just not the whole house at once! Glad you are getting settled.