Thursday, February 25, 2010

Controlling Chaos??

For the past month or so it seems like everything has been spinning out of control. A whirlwind of events swooped in and surrounded me for what seemed like forever with no end in sight. There was a final decision on our house we were living in with the mold, you can check out the orange fur here. The decision was - MOVE. NOW. We had three days.

I will be the first person to say that I am not a fan of anything I do not have control over. That is a vise I will own, albeit not proudly, since it is a vise I am working on, I will own it!!

Loss of control number one.

Work has been so dern hectic I can not see straight!! Seriously, we are preparing for a Registration Audit, and I am the office rep for said system. At least a hundred times a day I get pulled away from my actual job, the real work that I have to do on a daily basis, to answer questions, conduct a meeting, hold someones hand for this blasted audit. I will be eternally grateful once we have passed and are registered!!

Loss of control number two.

I am always told how well behaved my kiddos are. Honestly, they are good, I would accept no less. Don't get me wrong they have their moments, believe me!! However for the most part they are well behaved all around good kids. All three of them, and for that I am extremely blessed. Recently Jay has been pushing my buttons. Some of it I think he is just trying to see how much he can get away with, some of it he is really just having a hard time with school, and doesn't want to try. Not acceptable, but I try to understand where he is coming from. School was never hard for me, until I took algebra, it all came so easy. AJ is like that, he reads it, he knows it, he hears it, he remembers it, he sees it, it is engraved in his little head never to be let loose again. AJ has always been that way. Jay, is a bit more stubborn, the "because I said so" doesn't always work on him. There are excuses, questions, a million other things he just has to do before he can do whatever it was that you asked him too. We get home around 6 in the evening, AJ starts his homework, Jay gets a snack, a drink, goes to the bathroom, changes his clothes, has to play with Jenna, checks the mail, the list goes on until about 6:45 when he sits to do his homework. That is only because I have, by this time, told him no less than 14,952 times to sit and do his homework. Then he can't find the pencil he likes, then he has to find the other pencil that has a good eraser, then he is distracted by my noise of cooking dinner and cleaning up dishes, again that list goes on until 7:15 when he actually starts reading his homework.

You see, here is loss of control number 3!!

I can not take it any more! We moved, we still have boxes everywhere, clothes everywhere, it doesn't quite feel like home yet. That adds to the chaos!

Then two weeks ago, I was rear ended. Remember? Ya, driving around in a PT Clown Car, oh, I mean PT Cruiser, almost literally sitting on the road as I drove. Did you ever notice how different things look from that angle? I am so used to driving my SUV (equipped with a lift kit) that the neighborhood streets felt foreign to me at that level!

Loss of control number 4, which has thankfully become control regained number 1!!

Oh and loss of control number 5? Yep there is a 5, well, I guess it will be 4 since I have my truck back. But there is another loss of control - Baseball season has begun!! We will now be on the road, at the ball field no less than four times each week. This season, we are The Mets, the boys are excited, and I am looking forward to creating a cute outfit for Jenna to wear to the games:)!!

Maybe, I should just open a window and tell "control" to fly right out.


Deb in MD said...

Sometimes it does feel like everything is out of control, and you just need a breath! So, step back, try to take a breath and hopefully things will start to level out for you soon.

Anonymous said...

As a recovering control freak - I hear you.