Friday, February 5, 2010



negative results: the unpleasant or difficult results of a previous action (thanks to msn)

Lately, I have been having difficulty with the boys understanding that mom makes the rules and that they have to follow the rules mom makes. They seem to want to negotiate their way through life. While I agree there are probably good reasons to allow them to negotiate certain things, my sanity is not one of them. They don't want to negotiate certain things, they want to negotiate EVERY.THING.

My plan of action was to pick them up from daycare and discuss with them what was expected of them when we got to the house. I did just that. I also let them know that there would be consequences if they failed to complete their homework, chores, etc. in a timely manner. I asked if there were any questions. The conversation went as follows:

Jay: What are conkse..consec... what are...?

Me: Consequences?

Jay: Yeah those, what are they?

Me: They are punishments for not doing what you are supposed to do.

Jay: Oh, well I can't have those.

Me: Why?

Jay: Because I can't even say that word, so I should have to have them.

I tell you it is really hard to listen to his little deep voice in the back of the car say things like that and not laugh!!


Jennifer said...

That is too cute. And a rather good argument too! He's obviously a very smart kid - pronunciation issues or no :)