Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A New Year, A New Me

Ok, so I know it is a bit cliche that my New Year's Resolution is to loose weight. However, I think that this year there is more to it than just that. Yes, I would like to loose a few tens of pounds, but I would also like to look better, feel better and eat better. I would like to have a clean house when I come home, I want to know what I am cooking for dinner.

I want to feel like things around me are more organized, and less chaotic:). I know that I can not control everything, but i would like to feel like I have choices, and I am making good choices. Does that make sense?

So here is a list of baby step resolutions that I am going to try:

1.No more soda

2.Drink more water

3.Eat more veggies and fruits

4.15-30 min of physical activity a day

5.Focus on one room a week to organize and clean thoroughly.

6.Make a calendar of dinners, plan a grocery list according to that, stick to it, and use coupons.

7.Have an after school schedule and stick to it.

8.Create a family budget and stick to it. (This will be harder with Jesse, but this is the goal)

9.Take the kids with me to Church (I always feel better after going)

10.Go back to school.

There it is my friends, I have given you my list and now I must stick to it, or you can all come hunt me down and give me a piece of your mind:) or knock some sense into me.


Stacey said...

Looks like a great list. I wish I was more organized around here too.

Tina said...

Great list....

Happy New Year!

I gave you an award over on my blog....


Shana said...

The meal plan is so good to do. I love it! Make out your meals for the week & then make your grocery list. It's even easier if you don't hold yourself strictly to the list. Just because you write down spaghetti on Tuesday doesn't mean that you can't make it on Thursday & do something easy that night instead. When I first started doing it, I felt like what ever I had down for that night is what I had to do, ha!

Beth said...

I stumbled across your blog today! I also have two little boys who keep me very busy and very happy!!!!! Good luck with your New Years Goals! You can do it! Last year, I was able to get back into shape (after having those two boys) by committing to training for an Olympic distance triathlon! It was great having something to be exercising for! My friend and I ended up also running a 10 mile and half marathon! It really boosted my confidence! GREAT BLOG!