Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Progress Reports...

Well, we got the boys progress reports and I have to say I am terribly disappointed!!

AJ is making straight "A"s and will be tested for the Gifted and Talented program in January. Can I just say that i hate the term "Gifted and Talented" when they refer to this program, the schools make it seem like the other "on-level" kiddos are neither gifted nor talented. But, we know this is best for AJ, as he is getting extremely bored in class, he has begun to teach himself multiplication and cursive when he finishes his work:).

On to Jay - I have written several notes to his teacher asking how he is doing if there was anything additional we need to work on at home, etc. Never a response!! Jay has come home with two home readers all year, while AJ had three a week when he was in 1st grade. I never get notification of benchmark tests, and I found out through Jay that he was in a reading tutorial program (confirmed by a mark on his report card), but never found out through the teacher!! I have also found out through some friends that work at the school that Jay's teacher can often be found texting or surfing the web on her phone - GREAT!!! In addition to all of that there was a letter sent home by the principal several weeks ago explaining that this teacher was not actually a certified teacher, but somehow teaching under a program that allows her to work and receive her certification at the same time. I e-mailed her this morning, and I am still waiting for a response, any of you guys have any advice to give?

Here is the e-mail:

After reviewing the notes on Jay’s progress report, I have some concerns. I sat with him last night and watched while he did his homework. As you know the handwriting needs some improvement, however, I did not notice any problem with him reading the words or knowing the meaning of any of his spelling words either. I continued to watch as he was completing his math work and again, there were no areas he needed my assistance with. I also wonder why he scored so low on his math benchmark, did he even complete the test? He struggles with names in the word problems, but other than that he can complete the assignments with little to no help needed from us. We read through his sight words – again, other than a few words (confusing what, want, and went, along with some confusion with the lowercase d and b) he read all 75 with no problem. The home reader that was sent home last night was DRA 10, he needed no assistance from us on that either. Thinking that it was possible that he could have the book memorized, we pulled a book from his shelf that is a level 2 reader, he really didn’t need my help. My concerns are this; from the start of the school year he has only brought home two home readers, until now there were no other indicators from you that he was needing additional help, and while I have no problem with him being in a reading tutorial group, I am surprised that I was not formally informed by you of this need. Jay is a very smart student, but, I do know his personality and I know that he can be a bit stubborn and strong-willed at times. Please let me know what we can do to improve his grades and help him be as successful as I know he can be.

Maybe I should have texted her:)


Deb in MD said...

Have you sent them in with Jay, or e-mailed the teacher? First you have to determine that the notes made it to the teacher. If yes, and the teacher is still unresponsive, then I would approach the VP or the Principal. If you remember my story about my 2nd grader with the reading issues, the teachers were pretty good at keeping us updated, especially toward the end of the year. If they had not, we would really be in trouble right now! If you want to chat more about it, click my profile - my e-mail is there.

Bellismom said...

I agree with Deb. Make sure that the letters actually got to her and if so I would be speaking with the principal. I would certainly make it a point to find out why you were not informed about the reading group.

FalkFamily said...

I feel your pain. We had a first grade teacher for my oldest and although she didn't surf they web (at least to the best of my knowledge!) she was absent a lot. We did hear from her that she was putting him in remedial reading, but I yanked him out after visiting the group one time. He did not need it. He is now in 4th grade and reading at 7th grade level, so I think you know best as a mom. Jay will be just fine. As with Deb, you can e-mail me. I think you go to the principal. We did. It kind of caused friction for the rest of the year, but we got the resolution we needed.

Stacey said...

Have you not had parent/teacher conferences? This should of been brought up during those conferences. If you don't get a response, or you don't like the response, I would call the school and set up an appt. with the teacher and principal. I know you can substitute without a teaching certificate, but I didn't know you can actually teach a class??? That doesn't seem right.