Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Healer

So I was tidying up a bit around the house,
and I noticed something strange with the Nativity Scene.

Upon closer examination this is what I find.

If you look closely, that is a little ice skater from our Christmas Village.
This boy is missing his feet.
So, I asked the boys: "Boys what is this little skater boy doing on the baby Jesus?"
Their answer: "We are waiting for Him to heal the skater,
and then we are going to put him back in the Christmas Village."
You can't very well argue with that can you?
Except for the fact that these are both porcelain dolls, and not real people.


amy said...

my heart just MELTED. absolutely to mush. i love love love it. what sweet boys you have, mama!

Tina said...


This says alot about you as a have raised children that have a heart of gold! Take a bow and pat yourself on the back because you are doing a "GREAT" job!

Hope you guys have a "GREAT" is 68 degrees in Dallas right now but we may have snow in the next few days...CRAZY...Texas weather...


Deb in MD said...

That is just too cute. how sweet of the boys to think of the poor little skater!

Tricia said...

That is just absolutely beautiful!

FalkFamily said...

That brought tears to my eyes!

Priscila said...

they are soooooo sweet!!! You have a truely blessed family!

I wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas!!! I hope your week is going great!

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