Monday, November 23, 2009

Can I come up for air???

Oh my word we have been busy!!! From the beginning of October to now seems like a lifetime. Here is the quick rundown in a list format since that seems much easier right now.

-Princess turns one.

-Princess has surgery.

-Boys have Science night.

-Boys have book fair.

-Boys have numerous Baseball games (three a week)

-Princess has her party. (Still need to really do a post about that!!!)

-More baseball (still three times a week)

-A week of staying home b/c the NP thought AJ had H1N1, only to find out that he didn't.

-Put multiple offers in on multiple houses, only to get outbid by seemingly everyone in the Greater Houston area!!!

-A few birthday parties, baby showers and bar-b-ques (roughly averaging 2 per week from Oct - Nov)

-Finally a promotion a work.

-A surprise audit on our office, which resulted in the Corporate guru coming in to "spot check" everything!!! (Two full days on my feet - so not the time to pull out the cute winter boots with 3 inch heels)

-More baseball, more offers on houses, more parties!

-Trying to get my house ready for company, who get here in 1.5 days, and then get packed to leave for a "vacation" in 2.5 days.

-More baseball - as in the boys have a game Tuesday night, and we are departing Wednesday morning!!!

I am overwhelmed with anxiety of this trip, the stay, and all that goes with being around family (in-laws to be exact) for 5 days.

Now, don't get me wrong, I love my husband, I love his family - but we are talking about 50ish people to spend the holiday with. Spending the holiday with 50ish people is not so bad, when you can go home and get in your own bed and have the comfort of your own little family around. However, we will be out of town - hours away from my cozy little bed and home. And can I just add that all this house hunting stuff has me at my wits end?? I mean seriously! I am stressed about finding the house, stressed that it wouldn't be the perfect house for us, stressed that we won't find anything, and trivial as it may seem, I am stressing about Christmas decorations - do I put them up, do I leave them in the boxes? All our contracts have closing dates the week before Christmas, provided any of the offers are accepted. Oh, what do I do???

On a heavier note, I realize there are far more important things going on in other peoples lives than to worry about when/if/how I will decorate for Christmas or get my multitude of lists accomplished before I pass out from sheer exhaustion, and with that said, I am thankful that I able to fill my calendar with events to do with family and friends as the year comes to an end (by the way I have no free weekend from now until mid January), and I pray everyday that everyone going through any amount of stress is comforted by friends and family, that we all have someone to talk to, that we are all able to lend an ear for another.

Oh, and i recieved a Blog Award from GrammieMommy, thanks, GM.

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I am sharing the love with three blogs that I love, even if I haven't been around to show the love in a while:) My friend Amy, who I have known for half my life now!! Wow Ams - I think we are getting old:)! My blog firend Tina - who may have the most creative pair of daughters I have ever seen! And, last but not least, my blog friend Belladonna, she is a hoot and a half, and I love that!!


JD said...

Hey Megan... good to see an update from you!

Sounds like life has been pretty busy, full to overflowing! I'm praying about the house hunting for you, it can be such a stressful time, add to that the holidays, family, etc... it's enough to feel the effects.

God cares about every single aspect of our lives, from the smallest of daily details, to the bigger things that are weighing down on us. It's all too easy to put Him in a nice and tidy little box, and to give Him only tiny little pieces of our lives... but much harder to let go, and let God. I'd love to encourage you tonight to free fall into His arms, wholeheartedly throwing the gates of prayers open as wide as possible... and wait and see what He can do with the burdens you are carrying. He just might surprise you... in fact, He probably will :)

Much love, many prayers,


amy said...

Goodness- things have been crazy over there! Hang in there- praying for less stress and that you have a wonderful holiday!

Thank you for the award! :) Too sweet! Now when you put it as we've known each other for over half our life- we DO sound old! Ugh! :)

Tina said...


Hope you guys have a GREAT Thanksgiving....enjoy the family~

Thanks for the award...