Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sick and Busy, and Sick of Being Busy

We have been non stop for the month of October, and we are not done yet!! Jenna is recovering very well from her surgery and she is almost eating normally again!! We had her birthday party this past weekend, and pictures will come soon!!

Last week we had a bit of a scare with AJ, Monday he woke up wheezing terribly. I gave him a nebulizer treatment and off he went to school. By 10:30, he was in the nurses office, and she was calling us to see what we wanted to do. AJ wanted to stay in school and go back to class, but we were getting worried since is O2 saturation was dropping. Jesse went and picked him up, and took him in to the doctor. When they arrived his O2 sat was even lower, granted he was in the high 80's, but he is also a child that runs around with pneumonia and a collapsed lung with O2 Sat in the high 90's. So for his O2 levels to be low, it really scares us and the doctors!! After questioning AJ, the NP swabs him for a flu test - result - Positive, for Type A!!! The same type as H1N1. Hubs freaks out, all kids go on Tami Flu, and we end up with three kids not allowed to go to school for a week!!! After a few more appointments last week, and multiple flu swabs for all of us, it turns out that AJ probably didn't have H1N1, it was probably a faulty test, and his issues most likely stemmed from the massive amounts of ragweed in the air, which he is highly allergic to!! Nice! He never ran a fever, never showed any other flu-like symptoms, but we were still very worried since he has "weak lungs" and this virus seems to be most detrimental to those with pre-existing lung conditions.

Since we all check out at the appointment with the pulmonologist on Thursday, we went ahead with Jenna's birthday party!! She was a princess, and the boys were some scary looking goblins!! Well, maybe not exactly goblins, since one was Jason, and the other was a Zombie, but scary none the less. Jenna would run for the nearest adult, and grab their leg, and hide her head. I know it is awful that I find humor in that!!!

Now that the party is over, we are getting ready for the Lone Star Rally this weekend. Oh, and Jenna has a super cute outfit for that too!!!

More to come about her party, and pictures to follow!! I just wanted to check in and let you know that we are doing well, and hanging in here!!


Really Frugal said...

Glad to hear everyone is doing better. YOur kids are so cute!

Shana said...

I can't wait to see the party pics! Sorry about the scare, I'm glad it wasn't serious.