Monday, September 28, 2009

When it rains it Pours, or Drips

I previously wrote about an unexpected shower. For the past several morning I have been waking up to a small-ish puddle on the kitchen counter, near the stove. I kept telling myself "You better do a better job wiping the counters down" and then would proceed with the normal morning routine. Let's be honest here, nothing would strike my brain as unusual prior to having a cup of coffee. I am quite sure that my brain just does not work with out caffeine!! Good or bad, it is what it is. Anywho, as I was making coffee Sunday morning, and making the decision that we would not be attending church service (kiddo with fever), I stared at the small puddle. As I stared, more water dripped down on it. I was able to see that the cabinet was leaking, and I do mean the cabinet was leaking. I am positive that you could have wrung out the cabinet, the outside is warped and looks like a used wrinkled magazine. I know it was not that way two weeks ago when I wiped the cabinets down. I call Jesse into the kitchen to see the cabinet dripping, he calls the landlord to come fix the problem.

As we are waiting for the landlord to arrive, Jesse decides to start investigating on his own. He opens the cabinet above the stove, no water pooled, he opens the cabinet to the right of the stove, I look up, and my goodness, there is orange fur on the "ceiling" of the cabinet. Now, I have never seen it there, but I cannot reach that cabinet unless standing on top of two shoes and then on my tippy-toes on top of that. Yes, I am aware that it would be far safer to invest in a step stool, but, by chunky flip flops staked together give me an extra three or four inches, and they are with me where ever I go:).

Landlord comes, looks around, can't find anything and leaves. Great!! I continue cleaning, laundry, rearranging the boys room, etc. and the orange fur stays in the back of my mind. Finally it gets the best of me and I begin searching the net for orange furry mold. Not something I ever would have thought I would be searching for but oh my, that was a sight!!! Basically there is this orange mold that grows after water damage, you should not spray it, scrub it or disturb it in any way. Glad I did not move when Jesse said hit it with bleach!! I will be having Jesse take a sample (I should not due to past respiratory problems I had when I was younger) and we will send it for analysis. I just want to confirm it is what I am thinking it is and if so, there will be some major changes in living arrangements ASAP!!!

On the other hand, my quick research also brought me to a point where I recognize the symptoms of infection from this mold, much of what we have been dealing with for Jenna and AJ sound similar to this type of mold infection/irritation. The immunologist will be receiving a call, and hopefully he will request the lab work to rule out or confirm my suspicion. Not exactly what I want to be the reason for Jenna and AJ's illnesses, but I think that is a better cause than something a bit more long term for them.

Off to send hubby to sample mold and call the doctors about some blood work for the family. Oh, I wonder if the lab gives group discounts??



Ami said...

I'm curious and yet afraid to go google 'orange mold!' It will be interesting to find out if that is the cause of health issues in your family.

Jennifer said...

Oh my goodness, how scary. Mold can be such an awful thing. I am terribly allergic to it. I hope you can get it figured out and out of your house quickly! It would be nice if this was the cause of the kids illness- a much easier fix than some other options!

JD said...

I have *never* heard of orange mold... it sounds absolutely vile! How long before you hear the results of the tests/analysis?

I'll be praying!!!