Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Update - The Princess and the Reason for my Absence

This will be quick, as I am back at work, and trying to get things done before I run out the door for doctor appointment #2 today!!

Quick run down - Jenna has had these incurable throat infections off and on for about 7 months. Originally there was Strep going around, and we thought it was that, even though the Strep test was negative (I present with Strep and a neg. strep test often). They were doing cultures and nothing seemed horrible abnormal, but there was indication that it was a viral infection not bacterial. Jenna has for the last four weeks been on two different antibiotics, twice each one, with two to three days in between. The kicker is that on day three (or sometimes day two and a half) she spikes a fever, that is not broken by Motrin or Tylenol, and we end up back at the doctor's office and on another antibiotic. Jenna has some severe allergies to a few antibiotics, so we really are limited as to what she can take. This last go 'round he last dose of meds was given Saturday morning, by Saturday afternoon, she was running a fever of 102.5. Lovely!!

Fever stayed pretty consistent all weekend, but she was eating and drinking just fine, so the plan was to schedule an appointment for Monday with the pediatrician. The ER is not a place I like to go unless, absolutely medically necessary, and there was really nothing more they would do for her than what we were, with the exception of maybe waking her up every couple of hours to check vitals (which was not medically necessary at that point). The only other thing the ER is good for, is breeding infection and passing it along to the people in the never-ending waiting room (i.e. the people who use the ER as a walk-in clinic) not the place I want to take my child to. Certainly not when every other person in there has a cold, or some version of the flu - swine or otherwise.

Monday, she is still running a fever, we take her in and low and behold, she has an ear infection, and another (although I am quite certain it is the same one) throat infection. Great!! Now what??

We had seen the ENT at the end of August and his suggestion was eventually to remove her tonsils/put tubes in her ears. His concern was that due to her age and the severity of the tonsillectomy, he wanted to wait a bit longer (like until she is two). I just met with him again, and he said that she will most definitely need her tonsils removed, but he is still very cautious about performing the surgery on her now. His reasoning makes sense, she is very small/young, it is hard to reason with a one year old and get them to drink and eat when necessary, he is worried that due to the pain of the recovery she will not drink or eat properly and that would cause her to dehydrate and be admitted to the hospital for IV fluids, which leads to the possibility of a secondary infection just based on the fact that hospitals are typically full of sick people and as much as they clean and wash their hands, well the longer you are in there, the harder it becomes to leave. He did say it is not more difficult for him to perform the surgery on her than an adult, just easier to have an adult eat/drink through the pain of the recovery.

So step two before we schedule the surgery is an allergy/immunology panel that will be run this afternoon. Depending on the results, we will either schedule the surgery, or treat an immune deficiency. I am hoping it is the former, but really wishing it would be neither.

That's where we are right now, I have been super busy at work, and as you can tell, busy, busy with the Princess as well. The boys are well, neither are sick!
I will post more after we find out the results and see which way to go from here.



amy said...

oh my goodness! praying for your little princess!

Stacey said...

I hope she gets to feeling better and everything works out with the surgery.