Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Things a Mother with Boys Says...

Here are the culprits -

I recently realized I find my self saying things to the boys that I never though I would say. These are just a few of the things I have had to say this past week:

- AJ, get off the freezer door. They are not made for swinging.
- You may not climb the refrigerator, it is dangerous.
- AJ, stop climbing on the walls.
- Jay we can not keep slugs and worms as pets inside.
- No, you may not pour salt on them to see which ones melt faster (in regards to the slugs vs. worms)
- No we do not need to buy you a .22, you would not be able to hunt doves in the neighborhood.
- No, I am not taking you into any woods to go hunt, you are 7 and 6, ask me again when you are 12.
-Please don't pee in the bath just because your brother is bothering you! (no water in the tub, they were getting ready to take a bath, Jay didn't want AJ in the bathroom with him)
- No, I will not make turtle soup with the turtles you caught in the bayou.
- No, I will not cut up that little fish so you can use it as bait for bigger fish.
- I do not like slimy things, or crawly things, or any bug-like things, please take those back outside.
- No, you may not take the magnifying glass outside to see how long it will take to burn an ant.
- No I don't think that is a good science experiment.

Oh, I am sure there are more, this is all I can remember right now!!

** Please note no animals, or bugs were damaged, injured, or destroyed in the making of this post**

And just for fun, the sweet little face I hope I never have to say any of this to -


Tina said...


I am laughing so hard....I've never had any boys....they are so darn cute and I love all the little things they said...

How is Miss Jenna feeling....hope she is feeling better!


Ami said...

With 2 older brothers, you may be wishing you were only having to say the things you are currently saying in a few years. :)

And, our son thinks the freezer door is perfect for swinging, too.

Abby said...

I've heard myself say those things several times. Boys are something else, aren't they?!

Bellismom said...

You won the BabyLegs contest! Check out my blog for my email address so you can contact me with your info. Congrats!

JD said...


Oh, the things kids say... and the things parents say to them. I think boys bring about the more interesting conversations... LOL!