Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Picture Blog Hop:)

Ok, so Jamie H. is hosting her first ever Blog Hop. Here are the rules:
Go to the place where you upload all your photos. If you don’t upload them online, just go to wherever you store your pics on your computer. Open the oldest album, and post the first photo. Tell the story behind it. Grab the MckLinky and post it on your blog. Just for fun, tag 3 people you want to see old photos of :)
So, who will I tag??? I tag Kristin, Mama M, and Jes. Have fun ladies!!!

Ok, I will admit - I broke the rules a bit, but with good reason, you just don't get the full effect of what is going on in just the first picture.

Picture #1:This was the first day of school, in 2007. AJ, in red, is starting Kindergarten, and Jay, in white, is starting Pre-K (half day school program). The lady in the middle, she is the director of the daycare, attempting to get Jay on the van to take him to school. he is pulling away from her, does not want to go, which is why I would not be able to take him and drop him off, for fear that I might actually leave the child with some serious emotional issues.
Picture #2 Jay is still pulling away, while AJ climbs right in. Poor, poor Ms. Irma, I don't know how, but she has the most patience and she is so good with the boys! Even the "strong-willed" child:).
Picture #3 Ms. Irma is lifting Jay into said van and has to climb in and buckle him. All the while he is screaming and the huge crocodile tears are just streaming down his face.

Yes, I was the mom, who was also crying in the parking lot of the daycare, and taking pictures. I also followed the van to the school to drop off half of Wal-Mart - I mean their school supplies. I will let you know that once they were half a block down the road, the child was fine, no crying, and telling all the other kids on the van to look how high the "snake water" is. (they have to cross over a "bridge" that has a "bayou" under it. The "bayou" is a man made canal used for flood control, and yes there really are snakes in it)

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Stacey said...

Got distracted by the snake water!Isn't it funny how they are fine once they get away from mom?!

Kristin said...

Loved your pics, I posted was a little more difficult then I thought it would be trying to figure out the MckLinky thing but I got it "figgered" out! I did tag 2 people who already did it though...doh!


Jamie H said...

Thanks for joining my hop. What a cute series of pictures! My first goes to preschool for the first time on the 16th of this month. I'm pretty sure I'll have a series of pictures like this too! :)

Together We Save said...

Cute pictures. Gld he made it to school ok.

Mama M. said...

That, is HILARIOUS!!! Oh, what we do to, I mean for, our children!! Thanks for the tag!!

JD said...

I'm SO with you on "Half of Wal-Mart, I mean, school supplies". Amen, sister, amen!! Except for us, it was "Staples" (the store, not the little metal things, LOL).