Thursday, September 24, 2009


I don't have the energy to go into depth about any of this now, I think a list will suffice.

I am Frustrated!!

Frustrated that all the doctors involved with Jenna's care are all on different pages.
Frustrated because I know all doctors involved are or work with and are getting advice from the best of the best in their field.
Frustrated that none of the other kids in Jenna's class are sick, no one at home is sick, and I really don't want any of us or the kids in her class to be sick, but at least that would make more sense.
Frustrated that things are not looking great for her to have surgery, based on what the docs can see their best guess right now is that she has an immune deficiency of some sort.
Frustrated that the lab was not able to take us this evening, I will have to take more time off from work (right after we just had a lovely meeting about "holding hands during difficult times, yada yada yada")
Frustrated that it will take at least three days to get the results back from Jenna's blood work that we have yet to get drawn (see above)
Frustrated that the cultures of her throat will probably, most likely show nothing since she was on meds at the time of the culture.
Frustrated that most of her cultures come back to show a viral infection anyway.
Frustrated that all of this continues to point to an immune deficiency.
Frustrated that the doctors want to keep her on antibiotics for a month to see "if there is progress".
Frustrated because Jenna is at the point of not sleeping well at night, which means I am not sleeping well at night.
Frustrated that the house we put an offer on has 14 other offers.
Frustrated that they are taking other offers for an additional 10 days before making a decision.
Frustrated that work isn't as great as it could be. My assistant is gone on family leave, I am doing all her work plus mine, with no problem, and she will probably be gone shortly after she comes back.
Frustrated that it seems like anything that can go wrong will, or has gone wrong.
That is all I have for now. I will update as we hear more, cultures should be back tomorrow, and blood work back on Tuesday - at this point I am not sure what the lesser of the two evils are.

The docs seem to have conflicting feelings when it comes to the surgery and I totally understand their reasons. Like I said, I am just frustrated with all of it.



amy said...

Oh Megan- I'm so sorry. So much going on and so much unknown- that's so stressful. Praying for answers and for healing and for rest. I just read Psalm 91 the other day... how PERFECT it is when I'm feeling anxious. When you get a chance read it-- it will bless you! :) "He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High
will rest in the shadow of the Almighty!" Ps 91:1
Hang in there!