Wednesday, September 9, 2009

11 Months!!!

Wow, I cannot believe that time has flown by so quickly!!! Jenna-Bear is 11 months old!! She is constantly moving, never still, even in her sleep:), talking and babbling like no body's business. It is so neat to see her personality. She does things when she wants, she is very stubborn, and nosey - and I have no idea where she got either of those traits!! It was definitely not from me. Words she is saying, Mama, Dada, Bubba (for either of the boys), Zay Zay (for either of the boys), Ball, Bath, Agua, Gamma (grandma), Nana, Papa (for my dad and for food), up, off, hey. i think that's it. She will nod her head for yes, and sometimes she gets her whole body moving if she really means yes. She dances to any music, even if you just start to sing to her, she will dance. She is walking, or well, running all over, climbing like crazy!! Scary stuff, but she will move things around to climb. She moves chairs and toys to climb from one to the other and then on to something else. She sings in church:) it is so cute, and she smiles and waves at people in the congregation while she sings. I know we are in trouble with her!! She is not happy unless the focus is on her - she will yell for you to talk to her and she will look back at you and bat her eyes and smile and look innocent. She has two teeth, the bottom front two, her one year molars are coming in, but no other teeth yet. Don't worry though, that does not stop her from eating, and she refuses to eat baby food!! No purees for her, she wants the real thing!! Her brothers are her body guards and they are very protective of her. I think they are starting to realize she was a lot easier when she wasn't mobile, and now that she is, she wants to be right in the middle of everything they are doing. She will point her finger and shake it back and forth to tell you no. If you ask her where the sweet baby is, she will give you a kiss. If she is in the mood to be a stinker, she will fake you out with her kisses, lean in and turn her head at the last minute. She will decide if she wants to give you a kiss or a hug - regardless of what you ask for she will give you which ever she wants. We have been crazy busy and I have lots to catch you all up on, more posts and pictures of our family, and coming to a computer near you:).


MannMom3 said...

Hey I tagged you in a post..My baby just turned 11 months too (although I forgot)..Anyway, she sounds super cute!


Jamie H said...

Your post makes me sad. My daughter just turned 10 months old and I'm having a hard time with the fact that my second (and last) is growing up so fast! Time really DOES fly! I love that she is becoming more independent but sometimes I just want her to stay little forever!
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