Friday, August 14, 2009

T Minus 10 weeks

First I realize that ten weeks may sound like a long time, but, to be completely honest, I am stressing a bit. Jenna will be ONE on October 9th. Really, where has the year gone??? I have been able to give myself an extra two weeks to plan for her party due to some prior commitments. So the theme??? Well of course it will be very girly and very princessy and all the little kiddos will be decked out in their Halloween costumes!! It will be absolutely adorable!!! I plan on making Jenna's tutu in a couple of weeks. One great turn of events... a friend of mine will be throwing a wedding shower and is buying a bunch of tule to decorate with. She has offered to let me HAVE it when she is done! I offered to pay her for half, but she refused, SCORE! I am really looking forward to planning her party. I already have the venue reserved, and that has relieved tons of stress. I know the boys will have a baseball game the day the party is scheduled, so my plan is to work half a day the Friday before her party to help prepare. All the food and decorations will be fixed in advance, and the day of the party I will just have to show up, set up, and have fun!!! Best of all my very creative, artistic sister-in-law is planning to come and make Jenna's cake!! I can not wait to see what she creates!!!



Erica said...

Sounds like fun! I was looking at my daughter's first birthday pictures the other day and wondered what was I thinking? We had a pooh bear theme! I mean why didn't I go all girly? I guess I didn't realize I'd have 3 boys after her! Hope you have fun with it and yeah time flies!