Wednesday, August 5, 2009

It Was Raining in My Kitchen, ,

I woke up yesterday morning, went to the kitchen to make the coffee. As I started the coffee, I hear what sounds like water running through the pipes. I think to my self darn you Jesse. I wanted to take a shower while he stayed in bed with Jenna. I walk into the bedroom to express myself, and he is still sleeping. I walk back out to the kitchen to find the sound.

Ok, I have ears like a hawk, I can hear people whispering across the house, especially if they say my name:), I am using my finely tuned skill to hear where the sound is coming from. All signs point to the wall, the wall in which the hot water heater sits against - or on the other side of. But there is no water on, why would I be able to hear the water heater running??? I am looking in the kitchen cabinets to see if the sound is louder in there, in the oven, anywhere I can think of around this wall. I am certain that this could have been on a sitcom!! All of a sudden from the exhaust hood of the stove, water starts pouring down, on my electric stove. Not safe!! Either way I yell for Jesse, tell him water is leaking in the kitchen, he yells back "turn it off from under the sink!" That would work, if I were talking about the sink leaking. I was not. I nicely yell back "It's coming from above the stove". I am quite sure Jesse did not believe me, that is until he actually saw for himself, the water pouring into the kitchen from above the stove!!! Jesse went to the garage, turned off the hot water heater and eventually the water stopped pouring, and started dripping, and then finally stopped dripping before I left for work. Not a fun morning, no hot water to shower with!!! Funny how Jesse decided it was ok to turn the water heater back on and cover the stove with towels so that he could have hot water to shower with.

I had a good excuse last night not to cook - you know since water had poured all into and around/underneath our electric stove and all. Miss Jenna and I enjoyed some Chick-fil-a. If you don't have one of those near you, you are seriously missing out!! Jesse worked late, and ended up just meeting us at my parent's house so that we could all bathe using hot water!!

No one called back to fix the hot water heater - which I am now thinking it is more of a pipe problem vs. a hot water heater problem - but hey, I am no plumber. Finally we get a call at 9:30pm.

"Mr. Jesse, I am right around the corner, can I come take a look at the leak?" Um, no - it's 9:30 PM. "I will come by first thing in the morning then."

Let's just say Jesse was waiting and calling and waiting until about 10 this morning - then he left for work. Wouldn't you know it, the guy calls when Jesse was minutes away from the office, and rescheduled again.

Bummer, I was really looking forward to cooking tonight... and having hot water!! I am serious about the hot water, not so serious about the cooking.