Thursday, September 3, 2009


Lately I feel like I am in constant struggle for balance in my life. Balance between work and home, ballance between chores and fun, balance between kids and me. How do you make it all work and not go insane? Sure you let things slip - like the laundry (which now seems to be taking over every room in my house), but that just makes it that much harder to regain control of it all again. Right?
With school starting and trying to get the kids back into a decent routine, and Jenna back to sleeping all night long in her own bed, craziness going on at work, talk of layoffs, cutting back hours, no salary increases (again!!), increase in the cost of our insurance premiums as well as the deductibles - at this rate I may have a hard time balancing the checkbook. Oh, who am I kidding I don't balance the checkbook now!!
I always struggle with my personal control issues, needing things done the way I want, when I want, and how I want. I think that the last year has been a release of a good part of that. Trying to give more "duties" to the boys, letting them do it their way, with minimal coaching on my part has helped. It may not be done just the way I would do it, but it is done and it is clean and that makes me feel a little more in control. I ask God daily to help me with that, and I think it is working. Still praying about it, but I definitely notice a difference!!
So basically, there is a lot going on for us right now, and I am just trying to balance it all! And stay somewhat sane in the process!!
On a lighter note, there is a little princess that has this whole balance thing down pat!! She is WALKING!!! and has been walking for a few weeks now!!


JD said...

I can relate to much of what you said. It's an intricate dance, for sure, to be a mom and to juggle all the responsibilities that comes with being a mom. Whether you work from home or outside the home, the juggles are the same, and it's a beast we all face.

We've been trying to get the kids to take on more responsibilities, but sometimes, it's frustrating, because it takes us more work to get them involved than it would take us to do it ourselves, but it's an important step in teaching them responsibility, so we have to stick with it... ugh.

Congrats on your princess' first steps!! Watch out, world, here she comes!